Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are preparing for an annual epidemic. It strikes the beaches, parks, city streets and back yards of America every 4th of July week-end.   We are thinking of a euphoric sun-worshiping insanity that overtakes the young and old, rich and poor. We call it the Melanoma Madness.

Family Holiday Playing in the Sun, Danger of Melanoma

The primary symptom of this temporary epidemic is the urge to expose unprotected skin to dangerous sun-rays.

Melanoma:  Whose Risk is It, Anyway?

This blog article is an effort to protect people who are at most risk of this epidemic, holiday sun damaging syndrome and the resulting risk of skin cancer.   We speak of individuals, who are at high risk of melanoma.  There are seven major high risk groups:

Melanoma Group 1. Caucasian people who have beautiful blue or green eyes and lovely red or blonde hair are in the high risk category.  They should take extra precautions against sun exposure at any time of year.  It stand to reason that if you have fair skin, freckles or a tendency to get sun burn, you should avoid the bright sun.

Melanoma Group 2. Have you ever heard of any of your close family having melanoma?  We want you to be aware that approximately 10 percent of people who contract melanoma, have a family history for the disease.

Experts believe that this tendency might be caused by a shared life style of sun exposure, hereditary fair skin or mutation within a family group.

Melanoma Group 3. If you have a weak immune system, either from a disease or a medical treatment, you will be more likely to contract melanoma or other type of skin cancer.   Beware if you have ever been infected with HIV.

Melanoma Group 4. Older people are also at high risk.   However, you might have already heard that melanoma is one of the most common cancers in people younger than 30.Melanoma strikes July 4th so watch the sun!

Melanoma Group 5. If you are male, your chances go up for melanoma.  “In the United States, men have a higher rate of melanoma than women, although this varies by age.   Before age 50, the risk is higher for women; after age 50, the risk is higher in men.”

Melanoma Group  6. You would think that previous melanoma victims would not need to be warned of the dangers of sun exposure.  This high risk group includes only people who have had melanoma or other skin cancers previously.

Melanoma Group 7. Have you been diagnosed with XP?  This is also known as xeroderma pigmentosum.  This is an inherited condition that weakens the ability of skin cells to rebuild their own DNA if it is damaged.   Sun exposure causes such damage.

Melanoma Madness: Risky Business and How to avoid it

With the coming Holiday, hundreds of thousands of sun bathers are presented with the chance of contracting melanoma.  Peer Pressure and lifestyle causes melanoma madness.  Don’t let it ruin your July 4 week-end!

We advise the above high risk groups to take extra precautions to cover up and to use sun screen.

If you are out of sunscreen, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery has rescued you this month with a special high protection brand:  IMAGE Protection Plus, and it works for men or women.  See the June Special at this blog.

We urge you to protect yourself from melanoma madness with floppy hats, sun glasses, beach wraps and umbrellas!  Have a healthy but safe trip to the beach.

Likewise, we hope you will avoid the sunniest part of the day for any outdoor activities.  For more information, and fabulous skin care tips in the sunny summer, we highly recommend our previous article on UV Ray Updates.

A Very Special Message

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery would like to acknowledge the pain and suffering of those who lost family and friends in the recent shooting tragedy in our beautiful city.  Our hopes and prayers are with you.


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