It seems unreal that the first half of the first month of the new year is now history. This week, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery takes a peek into the future, at what we will be seeing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the coming months.

Good Fat

Fat-grafting has been in the news constantly in 2013 and it will continue to be a huge trend in 2014. What could be better than using the bodies own natural product, its fat, instead of artificial tissue in the repair or enhancement of your features? We invite you to check over some of our previous blogs, linked below, to discover the benefits of fat grafting.

Cosmetic surgeons can make this negative into a positive by using it to enhance or rebuild breasts or lips, for example. The Journal, Plastic Surgery Practice, puts “fat” in the number one position of importance in its list of predictions for 2014. They state, “Its prominence will continue to grow as surgeons become more and more comfortable with their techniques and learn how to maximize fat graft survival.”

As the year progresses, the experts have told us, “We will also be hearing a lot more about some special ingredients found or added to fat, such stem cells, growth factors, and platelet-rich plasma.”

This brings up a huge 21st century trend for all fields of medicine:  the use of stem cells.

Experts at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) also endorsed fat grafting in a starring role in 2014. They define it quite simply as, “Fat harvested from one part of the body, such as the tummy or buttocks, is transferred to facial areas.” Fat grafting is also very important to breast reconstruction.

They added,”We will see more fat being used in 2014 largely because the results are becoming more predictable and longer lasting.”

2014 and Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Present Hot Lips!

Allergan’s fine filler product, Juvéderm Voluma, has recently been welcomed to the U.S., and in 2014, we are likely to see more fillers that “specialize” in their injection site the way that this filler does.  These fillers, some of which are best for lips, and some specify the apple of the cheek, have been proven “tried and true” in other countries, and within the year, American beauty should be enjoying their appeal.

Here is a wonderful idea: What about “plumping up your pucker for Valentine’s Day?” According to the AAFPRS, “Gone are the days where lips are overfilled and inflated with collagen a la Goldie Hawn in “The First Wives’ Club.”

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery agrees. Through their experienced technique and artistic skills, the doctors and staff of our clinic can give you the smooth, naturally shaped, definitively kissable, lips of your dreams.

We Know Noses! recently published a trendy term for one of their favorite 2014 predictions: “rhino-popularity!” This refers to the fact that rhinoplasty is the most common procedure done for women and men patients,under the age of 35. If you have been noticing noses lately, and dreaming of improving yours, don’t hesitate to visit us at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery. We will show you that even the tiniest correction of the shape or structure of your nose can make a vast improvement in your appearance and self-confidence.

Again, we turn to the experts at AAFPRS, who say that rhinoplasty is the most in-demand facial plastic surgery among men. “Rhinoplasty has seen a recent resurgence in interest.”  That actually brings us to another trend, about which we will soon be writing a feature blog:  We expect to see an increase in male patients, as they continue to value looking robust, energetic, and attractive,  in a competitive 21st century.

The experts have listed many more predictions of trends for 2014, more than we can cover in one blog! We invite you to continue visiting our blog, and as time goes on, we will be bringing you the latest trends and information in the world of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Whatever the future brings, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery vows to bring you the same commitment to integrity and compassion in 2014 that we have in the past!





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