Young Moms Ask Questions about beauty and fat grafting.

After Child-Bearing and Breast Feeding:  Fat Grafting and Beauty beauty Questions come from Young Sarasota Moms.

Fat Grafting just might be one of the most magical procedures invented for Plastic Surgery in the last 20 years.  Some patients refer to the specialized surgical instrument behind fat grafting technology as a magic wand.  At Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa, we know it’s more than magic.

It is science and art. Still, fat grafting does bring a magical smile to our patients’ faces. We want to dedicate this blog to recent mothers who are re-discovering their style after childbearing and breastfeeding.

A Conversation about a Great Combination:  Breast Lift and Grafting

New mothers visit here and they are often curious about breast surgery options. Even if they have lost their baby weight, they are unhappy with sagging breast tissue and low nipple position. This is often the price of breastfeeding, freely and lovingly given.

However, child-bearing, breastfeeding and time itself can flatten the top part of the breast. And simultaneously, the lifted, sculptural quality of the breast has slipped. This causes, for want of a better word, a lack of a certain perkiness that defines our favorite “Sarasota” style in a climate made for an active life.

In the words of a recent article from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “When it comes to breastfeeding, the combination of time, gravity and weight changes can cause the breast tissue and nipple position to sag. This results in a shape that is more elliptical than round. There can be a loss of volume at the upper portion of the breast, accumulation of breast tissue in the outer and lower breast quadrants and down-turning of the nipple position.”

Keep in mind that many of these same Moms do not want to get implants. They do not like the idea of A full Mommy-Makeover surgery. They just wish their breast tissue “would the fill the bra cup without it gapping over at the top.”

Redistribute your Weight with Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting Actually Re-distributes Fat and Helps Restore a New Mom’s Confidence and Style.

Additionally, many of these young moms are relieved and happy to discover fat grafting is less invasive to the body than implants. Likewise, as an alternative to implants, fat grafting lessens the chance of the body reacting to foreign material.  And we understand how that can make a difference in how you feel as well as how you look.

Before Fat Grafting:  Special Notes on the Breast Lift

In your Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa consultation, you and Dr. Cicilioni will discuss the many things. However, one of the major areas of discussion will be the different types of incisions for your breast lift. 

There are three types you should know about. And they all have special uses.

  • For the Small Lift– The Periareolar Incision:  Your scar will be at the edge of the areola.
  • Medium Size Lift–The Lollipop Incision:  This is also termed “circumvertical.” It goes around the areola and vertically straight down to the bottom of the breast.
  • For the Larger Lift–The Anchor:  This incision looks like an upside-down T attached to a “U.” The U is in the breast crease and barely noticeable.

With today’s technology, we can retain the attachment of the nipple and areola to breast tissue beneath it. Thus, your nipple and areola continue to connect with nerve endings and even milk ducts.

In most cases, a loss of nipple and areola sensation is temporary.  Just give your body time to regenerate some of the tiny nerve endings around the areola.

The Breast Lift Plus Fat Grafting:  Especially Nice for Mommies

We have previously blogged about the breast lift procedure several times. We invite you to read all the details in one of our former articles.

Fat Grafting Helps New Mom's Confidence

A Little Fat Grafting Can Help You Find Your Sarasota Style–Even if You Are Somebody’s Mom.

To put it briefly, a breast lift procedure will first position the nipple higher on the breast wall.  At the same time, the breast lift surgery will lift up sagging breast tissue.

As a result, Mommy-or anyone else-will get a rounder, gently lifted silhouette.  And the perkier breasts will sit higher on the physique, as they did before child-bearing, breast-feeding and gravity. Let’s look at some basic facts:

  • Of course, we can perform a breast lift as a stand-alone procedure.
  • However, we highly recommend adding fat grafting to it for maximum results.
  • For your fat grafting procedure, Dr. Cicilioni will use liposuction to collect fat from any one of several areas of the body:  the abdomen, thighs, flanks or bra line.
  • He will remove the fat, then process it and meticulously and artistically, transfer it into the breast.
  • This procedure can bring roundness to the “deflated” part of the breast that many new moms experience.
  • A Little Extra:  Sometimes patients desire to include some extra liposuction. Thus the doctor can take-away unattractive fat that clings to the back and underarm bra-line.
Fat Grafting Helps Achieve Beach Confidence, even for young moms.

Fine Figures Sometimes Need A Little Fat Grafting. Notice the Mom? 

Terrific Take-Aways from Fat-Grafting

We have seen fat-grafting and breast lifts improve much more than a lady’s figure. We have seen Dr. Cicilioni’s work in this area restore confidence in many women.  Perhaps there is a little bit of magic in these procedures. If there is, it is because Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa provide the latest advances in technology and artistic surgical technique. Plus, Dr. Cicilioni and his staff treat you with the highest level of compassion.

We caution you to remember that Fat-Grafting is a special skill. It requires proper training and artistic talent.

As an ASPS Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Cicilioni has undergone rigorous training as well as specialized written and oral board examinations.

As the American Board of Plastic Surgeons states, “Each and every ASPS member surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery, making them the most qualified plastic surgeons to perform your procedure.”

Once again, we thank you for reading our blog this month, and Happy Fall!

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