Sometimes a woman views herself in the mirror, and even she is mystified about what she wants. She is dissatisfied with her figure, but she only thinks of the cosmetic surgeon as some one who can give her larger or smaller breasts.

She wants neither more nor less breast tissue. She has always thought of herself as “just right.”

Now, as she looks in the mirror, what used to be “just right” seems to have shifted position, giving her a less pleasing appearance.

A Search For An Uplifting Experience:

Even with exercise and healthy eating habits, she has noticed that her clothes are fitting differently.

She longs for that perky positioning, that elegant slope and swell that was normal to her breasts  for so many years.

She might not even realize there is a surgical procedure which can accomplish her goal.

A Woman’s Uplifting Choice:

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings is often delighted to bring such women an answer: The Breast Lift. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Breast lift, or mastopexy, surgery raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.”

In this week’s blog, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings you some details about the remarkable effects of a breast lift on the feminine physique.

Why Is a Breast Lift Needed?

Due to genetics, normal aging, or having children, a woman becomes very aware when her bosom begins falling, sagging or simply giving in to gravity. These are the reasons Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings together art and science to create rejuvenating surgery, the breast lift. This procedure is designed to bring the breasts back into a pleasing shape.

The change in the bosom often happens after the child-rearing years. It’s a time a woman becomes critical of the changes age makes in her body.

Sometimes this surgical procedure is combined with breast implants. As with any procedure, combining it with another surgical procedure depends on the specific goals of the patient and the surgeon. “If there is ample breast tissue yet the breasts sag, a lift may be all you need,” stated Atlanta plastic surgeon Carmen M. Kavali, MD in a recent publication.

She added “For those with a decent amount of breast tissue that are a B to D cup size, the tissue can be affixed to the chest muscle to give a look similar to what an implant can achieve along with added support.

Everyone knows how elastic and stretchy breast tissue is. Breasts swell with pregnancy, making room for the milk ducts. After the baby, the glands shrink, but the skin is still stretched, and breasts can lose their natural volume. Dr. Alan Matrasso of New York shared a little guide rule concerning the breast lift.

“If the nipples point upward or forward, you probably don’t need a lift but maybe just some volume restoration. If they point downward, then you probably need a breast lift.” says the New York plastic surgeon.

In addition to rejuvenating your physique, the breast lift can restore the delicate beauty of the areola, which can sometimes become overly enlarged and misshapen with time.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we always want you to understand what a surgical procedure can do as well as what it can not do. We re-emphasize that you should know that a breast lift does not add size or volume to the breasts. “If there is a loss of volume and sagging skin then you probably need a lift and implant to recapture the shape,” according to Dr. Elie Levine, New York plastic surgeon.

If you are considering a breast lift, you might enjoy reading a previous Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Blog article which provides more information about this surgery. We also recommend an online guide sheet to prepare you for your consultation at this authoritative resource.



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