Put thought into shopping for your surgeon. There is no doubt about it;  ladies love to shop for shoes.   They give careful consideration to the design, structure and contemporary style of every shoe.

Hours and dollars invested in the perfect look and feel of those sweet peep-toe stiletto heels or that perfect strappy beach sandal are never regretted–well, almost never:

There are those poor-decision shoes that lurk in the darkest corner of your closet.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we hope shopping for your breast augmentation surgery will be much more scrupulously considered.

Trusting the wrong cosmetic surgeon can have costly and painful results that you can not lock into the back of your closet.  Orlando Cosmetic Surgery offers you this blog article to guide you in selecting your best options in regard to breast Augmentation.

Once you have made a decision that breast augmentation just might be for you, several “shopping” decisions will confront you.  We caution you that only one of the criteria is “cost,” but at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery we have discovered that some patients base their surgical decisions entirely on cost.

Before you choose your surgeon, we believe you should consider many details, but today we will highlight three main considerations:

1. Their Qualifications: Are they a “board-certified” plastic surgeon?  Do a little research about the background, association membership, and specialization of a surgeon before you choose him or her.

Orlando Plastic Surgery warns you that there are practicing doctors who do not posesses official, specialized training in cosmetic procedures.  They just think, “Buyer should beware.”

Look for the doctor’s association with the ASPS.  You know the doctor behind it is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.Orlando Cosmetic Surgery,llc will help you find your breast augmentation beauty.

Being board certified means at least 6 years of surgical training with three years dedicated exclusively to plastic surgery procedures.   Also reassuring, such a surgeon will only operate in accredited medical facilities, just like the facilities used by Dr. Orlando Cicilioni.  Likewise, the Society require qualified surgeons to adhere to a strict code of ethics.

2. Their Aesthetic Art: To assess your own personal opinion of the artistic quality of a surgeon, you are going to have to view some various before and after pictures, either in the office or online.

These images can certainly give you ideas about the style and technique of the surgeon.  Compare size, shape, and balance.  Notice the lift and swell of the bosoms in your would-be doctor’s portfolio.

On this matter we agree with the publication, “A Girlfriend’s Guide to Breast Augmentation, which states, “Be sure that you are looking at pictures of women who are about your same height, weight, chest width and breast size.”  This makes sense, but you would be surprised at the expectations of some women, based on body types that are nothing like theirs.

Each surgeon has their own taste and sculpting style. Dr. Cicilioni sculpts breasts in an exquisitely natural shape, even in larger cup sizes.  Just decide if this style matches your own concept of feminine beauty.  You should also know that Dr. Cicilioni won’t desert you after your surgery. With the help of his friendly and efficient staff, he will keep track of your progress as you recover from your surgery.

Beware of Bargain Breast Augmentation

3. Only Lastly: Consider Price

When patient and doctor match decisions and options, beautiful augmentation can be the result at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

Of all the details for discussion in this delicate procedure, price becomes one of the most delicate issues initially.  Dr. Bruce Fox of Melbourne Australia, states, “Cost is obviously important when considering breast augmentation.”

He recently expressed surprise that some young women only consider the cost when they choose a surgeon for this life-changing, delicate surgery.   Like him, the doctors and staff at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery have seen patients who are shopping for price instead of talent and experience when they choose their cosmetic surgeon.

He explains there is a much greater criterion for the decision to choose a certain surgeon. Dr. Fox states, “Of greater importance is the outcome of the procedure, which reflects the skill, experience and care of the surgeon.”

He adds, “The total cost should be reasonable and fair to both parties.”

Serious thought should be given to the consequences of poor results from the work of an inexperienced or poorly trained cosmetic surgeon, no matter what his pricing is.

Dr. Fox put it this way, in the words of one of his own clients, “Why would anyone gamble with something so important that is forever?”

When a patient and her surgeon envision the same goals, the match results in long-lasting beauty and joy. Unlike that trendy pair of shoes, your unique decisions with Dr. Orlando Cicilioni will affect your life forever. Beautifully.

Find out the newest information about breast augmentation by Dr. Orlando Cicilioni, and explore your options and decisions next week, in Part II of Breast Augmentation: A Shoppers Guide, from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.  Until then, we would be remiss if we did not refer you to one of our former blog articles on the subject. So, be sure you take a look at this valuable preliminary information.

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