Sarasota skin often craves renewal after our fun-in-the-sun-summer season. We often become aware of this need as we transition from summer to fall in September. Every summer, try to avoid skin damage during the drying, summer months of fun in the sea, sand, and Sarasota sun.

And it seems that summer wind, salt, sand,  and free radicals will abuse your skin despite your best efforts. That is when a refreshing visit to Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa can reinvigorate your look, boost your self-esteem, and restore your Sarasota Skin.

Altiora Medspa:  A Menu of Fearless Sarasota Skin Renewal

Sarasota Skin Needs Special Spa Treatment.

Sarasota Summer Skin Gets Refreshed at Altiora.

Perhaps you have looked in the mirror, and you realize the seasons are changing and so are you.  Why not let the golden change in our Autumn months inspire you to create a refreshed New Look?

We invite you to check out the numerous ways Altiora can help you refresh, reinvigorate, and renew your image— And just in time for the holiday events and parties of the Winter Season.

Thus, this blog highlights the micro-needling treatment from Fall’s Bountiful skin treatments that Altiora offers. Such a procedure can reinvigorate your facial skin and put the spirit in your self-confidence.

Rescue and Renew Your Sarasota Skin with Professional Help from Lacy!

This could mean simple non-invasive procedures.  These include amazing Sarasota skin treatments from our own certified, licensed medical aesthetician, Lacy.  (Learn a little about her under “aesthetician,” on our Homepage on this website.)

First, you might really benefit from her Red Carpet facial.  This is a procedure, which we have featured many times on our blog.  Another one of Lacy’s specialties is a procedure called micro-needling. You will discover it can make a big difference in your facial skin and your self-confidence.

The Beautiful Truth Behind the Needles of Micro-needling

If you are suffering from acne or other scars, troubling age lines, or sun damage and discoloration?  If so, you owe it to yourself to investigate the beneficial science behind this treatment.

1.  During the micro-needling treatment, your Altiora Plastic Surgery, and Medspa aesthetician, will gently cover your face with very tiny puncture wounds—  And we can “hear” you cringe already. But read on to discover the details.

2.  Now, keep in mind, the operative word in micro-needling is micro because these diminutive wounds are invisible. They are microscopic.

3.  Understand also, that Lacy will apply a topical anesthetic before the treatment. Most of our patients report this treatment is actually painless.

Your Body’s Beautiful Cycle of Cell Regeneration: Stimulating the Renewal of Your Sarasota Skin

Sarasota Skin and Professionals at Altiora.

Autumn Brings You Time to Refresh and Revitalize Your Sarasota Summer.

The real beauty in micro-needling is that the process is natural. The microscopic wounds stimulate the natural wound healing properties of your own body.

Concerning micro-needling, Board-certified dermatologist and RealSelf contributor Sejal Shah, MD. made this statement.  “The micro-injuries your aesthetician creates stimulate the body’s natural wound healing processes.”

Micro-needling Magic:  It’s in the Science:

A.  Firstly, you have an accelerated turnover in cellular growth.

B.   Next, the resulting cell turnover causes increased collagen.

C.   Likewise, your skin renews its elastin production.

D.   This beautiful cycle results in a visible lessening of age-lines, scars, and sun-damage in your Sarasota Skin.

E.  And Lacy will not use any heavy drugs, toxins, or scalpels.

Sarasota Skin Gets Gorgeous Results from a Micro-needling, Despite its Scary Name

There is another name for Lacy’s specialized micro-needling if the term, “needles”  worries you.  In New York City, Aesthetic plastic surgeon, Haideh Hirmand, MD in New York City terms the procedure “Fractora…”  This is the reason.

Dr. Haideh Hirmand puts it simply.  “The mini-needles will stimulate the growth of collagen…”  This “refers to the building blocks of the skin. “  She adds, “Collagen is a main structural protein found throughout our body.”

She also explains the relationship between Collagen, elastin, and your Sarasota Skin.  “Collagen provides the strength our tissue and organs require while elastin provides the ability to stretch and recoil.”

By the way, collagen is one of the secrets of youth and life.  Additionally, it’s a building block for beautiful, healthy skin. Discover more about collagen at this resource of information.

Skin of the Movie Stars

Sarasota Skin Brings Out All The Beauty.

Get Your Thirsty Summer Skin Ready For a Golden Fall. We Can Help.

Other specialists call this delicate procedure Collagen Induction Treatment or C.I.T.  Likewise, if celebrity endorsements make you more comfortable, just take a close look at Jennifer Aniston’s skin.

Both she and Naomi Watts swear by the micro-needling treatment and its ability to restore tone and texture to the skin. Additionally, there is not very much downtime if any.

Aniston and Watts make their fortunes with their faces. Thus, we surmise they would not do it if it required a lot of pain or downtime.

What To Expect from Altiora’s Micro-needling Treatment:

Remember we mentioned a topical anesthetic cream. And it will keep you comfortable during the treatment.  Most patients state that the upper lip and the forehead are a little more sensitive than other parts of the face

1.  After the Microneedling treatment,  you might have a little redness or swelling, but it won’t last more than a 24-48 healing period.

2.  Likewise, just one session is not enough.  We recommend a series of these treatments, for age-lines and acne scars. Every patient is different. You might need any number of treatments. (from 4 to 12 sessions).

At Altiora, we consider healing time to be very important in treatments such as this one. Every case is different, but we highly recommend spacing these treatment sessions 3 to 6 weeks apart.

You will see continuous improvement as weeks go by.  Your Sarasota skin will improve in tone and firmness.  Lacy not only specializes in micro-needling, but she can also customize a facial treatment that is uniquely suited to your needs.

Likewise, she can improve a variety of Sarasota skin conditions with her expertise in microdermabrasion and LED therapy.

Micro-needling:  A Rose By Any Other Name

Fear Not Dry Summer Skin. Our Aesthetician Can Wake up Your Skin With a Variety of Treatments.

Shakespeare said, “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”  Microneedling by any other name, like Fractora or C.I.T. or Collagen Induction Treatment, still brings our patients sweet results.

We invite you to bring your Sarasota skin problems to Lacy for consultation. She will help you with professional treatments, here at Altiora as well as products for a New Fall care regimen at home.

For a little extra dazzle, you might talk to her about the latest techniques in permanent makeup. She can help you shine not only for the coming holidays but for years to come.

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