Perhaps you have denied yourself professional skin care for years, because you were reluctant to spoil yourself with a what seemed like a luxury.

Perhaps you’re hesitant to try new skin treatments.

Now, since February is our most romantic month of the year, maybe you are taking new notice of the surface of your face.

Complimentary Skin Consult at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery

Your Skin Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Skin Briefing

Let’s take a look in the mirror, and study the surface of the skin. You might not understand what you are seeing. The briefing listed below is like a vocabulary for your skin:

1. Your Static Wrinkles: Did you know you have different types of wrinkles? Static Wrinkles can be seen all the time, even if your face is in repose. They really do not change “in appearance with facial movements.”

2. Dynamic wrinkles: This dramatic name indicates what you might call expression lines and they fold and “deepen with facial movements or expressions.”

3. Loss of skin tone: Age and gravity takes a toll on your facial skin, often weakening your supportive collagen and elastin fibers. Sadly, you might be seeing a loss of firmness or bumps and sags of cellulite.

4. Scars: You might have had acne, or an injury which might have caused rolling, pitted or bordered scars.

5. Vascular conditions: This technical word refers to blood vessels visible that you can see close to the surface of your skin. You might have small, blood-filled blisters or a constant red flush.

6. Pigmentation: You might call these “Freckles,” and we hear they are considered stylish this Spring!

You might have sun spots, or age spots or “darkened patches of skin resulting mainly from sun exposure.”

As you investigate the six skin terms of our Orlando Cosmetic Skin Briefing above, do not be saddened by them because, if you resolve to give your skin some special care, and occasional professional attention, you can lessen or improve these problems to a great degree, and without invasive surgery.

Not long ago, we featured an invitation from our professional aesthetician, Lea Spoto, here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery in the Med Spa. If you missed that blog, click and read the details, and study our tips for winter skin care.

It is still not too late to claim your complimentary February Valentine Skin Consultation from our aesthetician.

It is happening just in time for you to show your skin some love.

Get ready to be touchable for your Valentine!

Don’t Forget!

Don’t miss out on Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa’s invitation for your February Complimentary Skin Consultation

with professional aesthetician, Lea Spoto.

All you need to do is to make your consultation appointment at 407-681-3223.

We don’t want you to miss this February opportunity to discover your 2015 regimen for your most youthful, radiant skin.

See your initial blog invitation and learn what she will do for you, and more information at this convenient click.

About Those Lips…

soft lips and touchable skin come from care and Orlando Cosmetic SurgeryLikewise, if you missed our previous blog with Six Tips for Kissible Lip Care

and information about our fabulous lip plumping injections, we hope you will

check it out in time to have your plumpest, curviest, smoothest, most luscious lips ready for Valentine kisses!




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