Spring Skin Care From Cosmetic Surgeon Spring is a wonderful time of the year in Orlando. Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are gearing up to celebrate Spring, Mother’s Day, and our famous fair weather.

The change of seasons often brings us awareness of the condition of our skin.

This week, we bring you a few spring skin health tips from the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa and the scientific geniuses at OBAGI skin care.

1. We suggest you use the arrival of spring as a good excuse to check the condition of your skin with a skin care professional, like Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa’s licensed aesthetician, Lea.

2. Do you need a skincare check up? You should have a skin care regimen that is based on professional medical knowledge, not magazine hype.

3. Spring Cleaning for Skin Care Products: Spring cleaning means more than dusting! How long has it been since you checked expiration dates on your skin care products and your sunscreen? We have news for you; if your sunscreen has languished in the bottom of your beach bag since last summer, it probably is no longer good.

Also, take inventory of your make-up, make-up brushes or any products you use on your face. Our skin experts agree with the experts at OBAGI, renowned skin scientists,“Now is the perfect time to make sure that you’re presenting your freshest face to the world, and it all starts with making sure that your skin care products are at their best so that you can be, too.”

4. Help for Winter Skin Damage! We know artificial winter heaters and cool outdoor breezes as well as winter sunshine and simple aging could have caused your skin to become dry and rough during the

winter months. Please do not begin your spring time investment in skin care at the same place you buy celery and paper plates. The grocery store is no place for a skin consult, and your butcher can’t help you match your skin type to a moisturizer.

5. Likewise, beware of the quick fixes for skin available at department and big box stores. It is true the advertisements and displays are lovely; the counter ladies try their best, but they are not medical professionals.

Really, after all, those same stores sell shoes and blenders; how expert can they be about skincells?   Springtime is time for you to show your skin some love. Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa invites you to renew your radiance, and revitalize your spring skin.

We Are Among The First Wishes: Happy Mother’s Day!

A Beautiful Time for Mothers and Daughters!

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, mothers are very special. When we approach Mother’s Day, we put plenty of time and effort into choosing just the right special products for nurturing your skin, or your mom’s skin or her mom’s skin!

That is why we have a beautiful special offer available from OBAGI skin care, available from now until Mother’s Day.

This next few weeks, until Mother’s Day, when you purchase your OBAGI elastiderm, you will receive OBAGI Hydrate Luxe for free! Both are packaged in a lovely carry case, and sure to be treasured by moms of every age.

We hoped you received an email about this special, but just in case you did not,  please come by the office, and shop for yourself as well as mom. This OBAGI 2016 Mother’s Day Gift is truly remarkable.

The Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa skincare team remains  vigilant concerning skin health.  We have the medical tools, products, and professional experience help you find the perfect spring routine for your skin.

We invite you—and your mom—to experience the smooth texture and the healthy glow of your skin,  available for 2016, courtesy of OBAGI, and the skin care professional team at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa.

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