As summer officially begins, we know that many women are beginning the seasonal traditions of sunning and swimming. When you look at your new swim suit in the mirror, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery recommends that you check over your skin.

If you notice that you already have some sun damage, some red patches, discoloration or brown spots, we have several cosmetic procedures that might be right for you.

We can repair, resurface and rejuvenate your skin.  Please click the following link and allow us to introduce you to some of our clients’ favorite choices in skin care cosmetic procedures.

During an appointment to examine sun-damaged skin, at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Cicilioni might check for actinic keratoses, which look like rough, scaly patches in sun-exposed areas. These could be whitish, pink, brown or dark brown patches. We will also look for some types of skin cancer that might manifest in small growths. You might have noticed a sore spot that bleeds easily, crusts over, heals and then reopens.

In melanoma, an existing mole may change or a new, suspicious-looking mole may develop. Special types of melanoma develop in areas of long-term sun exposure. They start as dark flat spots that slowly darken and enlarge, known as lentigo maligna.  Your Skin Owner’s Manual demands that such conditions be given some attention.

A Summer Time Ounce of Prevention

We know legions of ladies are dreaming of creating a gold or bronze shade of skin in the summer sun.We of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, llc., say, “Beware, your skin is your body’s armor.” If your skin “suit” came with an owner’s manual, it might say:

Your skin is your protection against UV rays, pollution, germs, viruses, dirt and more. Skin is the largest organ of the human body. According to experts, your skin can cover 21 square feet, weigh nine pounds, and can contain 11 miles of blood vessels.

Dr. Orlando Cicilioni hopes you will protect it your skin from over-exposure to our gorgeous Florida sun. We know that ladies have spent a great deal of time shopping for a fashionable bathing suit. Unfortunately, sometimes women do not shop as carefully for a good sun-screen. Based on Mayo clinic studies, these are the “must-have” qualities in a protective sun-screen lotion:

1.  It must be water-resistant. (None are waterproof!)
2. It must have broad-spectrum coverage in order to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun.
3. It should have an SPF of at least 15. Many doctors say 30 or 50 SPF is best.

An owner’s manual for your skin would advise you to complete your sunshine ensemble with wrap-around sun glasses, and a big floppy hat. Not only will you look stylish, but your eyes and scalp will be protected.  We invite you to click on this source to study extensive details about the cosmetic procedures available for skin damage from sun or age.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our blogs and to invite you to click the button below and share the information on a social network. Please help us to spread the good news about skin care, cosmetic procedures, and sun precautions. If your skin came with an owner’s manual, like your car, we are sure it would tell you that the only good sunscreen was one that you applied and re-applied carefully and well.


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