Among the red-gold jewel tones of autumn, we recognize and honor a most unseasonable color–Pink, the Pink of the pink ribbons of breast cancer awareness.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery would be remiss if we did not mention the pink ribbons of Breast Cancer Awareness and the American Cancer Society as we begin October.

However, there is another special fall color that has been emerging in recent years: denim blue. We specifically remark about this because the Lee National Denim Day® is coming on Oct. 3, 2014.

Lee National Denim Day, which a noticeable number of Florida companies have joined, is a fund raiser which was created by Lee® Jeans.

The campaign is simple. Businesses join the promotional program, and then, in return for employees donations of  five or more dollars or more to the American Cancer Society, they earn the right to wear jeans to work. Awareness is raised.

The program has collected over $91 million dollars for the fight against breast cancer since it began in l996. 3,000 companies signed up, and they raised 1 million dollars, and the program has continued to grow incrementally. Funding is dedicated to supporting the American Cancer Society® and their breast cancer programs and services.

Donations help the American Cancer Society learn new ways to prevent, find and cure breast cancer. They sponsor  access to mammograms, and are a source of support to people affected by the disease.

Denim Day began as a simple discussion among Lee Jeans employees. As they talked, they realized that every one of them had known and cared for someone whose life was touched by breast cancer.

The campaign also stems from the idea that if many people just do a little bit, it can mean a lot of help.

Lee National Denim Day has transformed into one of the largest single–day fundraisers for breast cancer support and research. So, now you will not be surprised if you see your banker, lawyer, accountant, or even your doctor wearing blue jeans to compliment a pink shirt.

Facts Beyond the Pink Ribbons and Blue Denim:

1. Did you know that the American Cancer Society has been helping cancer patients for over 100 years?

2. It might seem to be a bit commercial to say it, but you should know that The American Cancer Society is available 24/7 with information and emotional support for breast cancer victims.

3. Amazingly, breast cancer fact, is the number one reason people call the Society each year.

4. Are you aware that The American Cancer Society “invests more in breast cancer research than any other cancer? They have also played a role in nearly every major breast cancer research breakthrough in recent history.”

Fun has been injected into fundraisers in recent years, but we all know there is serious meaning behind all the promotionals, the pink ribbons and the blue denim. We know it is not what you wear on your body that counts, but what you wear in your heart, and your mind that will help us defeat breast cancer.

Mark Your Calendars For October 15th!

Another big day is coming for Breast Cancer Awareness this month. October 15th has been designated BRA Day. The clever name stands for something dear to our hearts at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Reconstruction Awareness.

The function of BRA day is to “promote the awareness and education of breast reconstruction post-mastectomy and lumpectomy options.” The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF) have joined forces with the MTF, the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, to create the third annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day USA.

“Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day USA is an initiative designed to promote education, awareness and access to breast reconstruction surgery following cancer care, should the patient and her physician choose reconstruction as an appropriate option.”

In the past, many women have not been aware of their options. BRA day creates awareness of this deficit and works to help women understand their decisions.

Kevin Chung, MD, President of The Plastic Surgery Foundation stated, “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation are proud to be promoting our third Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day and pleased to have partnered with MTF as the 2014 Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Premium Sponsor,”

He added, “Working collaboratively with our sponsors, we are able to reach more lives and have a greater impact year-over-year in the effort to educate patients who have experienced breast cancer on their reconstruction options.”

We invite you to view one of our recently posted articles on breast reconstruction decisions, to appreciate the kind of surgical decisions you or a loved one with breast cancer will be facing if you or that loved one becomes afflicted with this disease.

Many different community events have been established for breast cancer awareness, fundraising and support during October. Orlando Cosmetic Surgery thanks you for reading our blog this week, and we hope you will help raise public awareness by participating in your community, with your time and talent. Even if all you do is wear a small pink ribbon, you are contributing to the cause.






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