Updated Trends are crucial if you are shopping for plastic surgery in 2019.  Although it might still seem like Kylie’s lips are the newest trend, do you realize that special look debuted in 2016?  For 2019, the look of lips is more natural, according to thousands of surveys.

Experts proved this and many other facial plastic surgery facts through the statistical research of The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Number 1 of 7 Updated Trends:  A New Look at Aging

Updated Trends in Beauty is "Younger."

Is She 24 or 42? Only Her Cosmetic Surgeon Knows For Sure.

Although we have recently reported on the publication, it is such a distinguished and revealing account that Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medispa thought you should know more.  First of all, let’s look at our population, images of it, and our current culture.  Here’s what we see on the beaches of Sarasota and across the nation.

  • 40 has astonishingly transformed into the new 25.
  • Real life images of lifestyles and family activities show us that men and women are improving with age.
  • 70 has become a new and vigorous 50.

Number 2 of 7 Updated Trends:  Beginning Care Early

Thus we have discovered that grandmother’s dream of growing old gracefully has become reality.  We have to thank modern medical technology like fillers and volume for our new look.  Likewise, we have to look at the updated lifestyle changes that have prioritized physical fitness in the last 3 decades.

Over the last decades, healthier eating and the development of medications have also influenced the stereotypical “look” of aging.  And  SPF care has greatly lessened the effects of the sun on our skin.

And a new generation has responded to all of this:  the Millennials

Number 3 of 7 Updated Trends:  Millennials Embracing Plastic Surgery Treatments

The report states, “According to the 2018 AAFPRS survey findings, it’s not just YouTube makeup tutorials upping Millennials’ beauty game.”   Additionally, they continue, it is the way they embrace self-care, SPF and facial plastic surgery treatments.”

1.   The fact is that in 2018, 72 percent of facial plastic surgeons increased cosmetic surgery or injectables in patients under age 30.

2.   Younger patients increase from 2017.  Over half of the plastic surgeons surveyed noticed this increase.

3.   And now see an overall 24 percent increase in cosmetic surgery or injectables in patients under age 30 since 2013. (58 percent to 72 percent).

Number  4 of 7 Updated Trends:  No More Plastic Surgery Taboo

Millennials and Updated Trends

New Generations of Beauty With New Medical Technology

Millennials overall have updated their perceptions of plastic surgery.  Instead of taboo, now it is normal.  And perhaps selfies and snap-chats are also responsible for this trend.  They have noted millennials’ updated looks in a way, unlike any previous generation.

Overall, their updated vision is to begin anti-aging early and stay ahead of the curve.  They are unlike previous generations who would allow age to happen, and then attempt to correct it dramatically.  Millennials believe in letting their natural look adapt slowly over time.

Number 5 of 7 Updated Trends: No More Star-Gazing

97 percent of AAFPRS members agree that movie stars and celebrities still influence facial plastic surgery.  However, the over-enhanced look is now decidedly out-of-date.  Proving this was the fact that 41 percent of plastic surgery patients expressed not a fear of the procedure, not a fear of the expense, but “a fear of looking unnatural as their top concern when considering cosmetic enhancements.

Number 6 of 7 Updated Trends:  Patients who are updating their trends are demanding more subtlety.  Furthermore, patients are asking for confidence-boosting treatments.  This results in a shopping list of treatments, including:

  • injectables,
  • lasers,
  • peels
  • and micro-needling. 

The biggest plastic-surgery trend for 2019 is to combine 2 or 3 of these treatments into one session because they are non-invasive.

“Patients love combination treatments because they are time-effective and help to produce optimal results for everything from facial rejuvenation to scar reduction when used in tandem,” says Dr. Langsdon.  At Altiora, we say talk to your doctor about combos, but understand that not all techniques can be combined.

Number 6 of 7 Updated Trends:  Pre-rejuvenation is Trending Over Rejuvenation

Updated Trends Include Healthy Skin and a More Natural Look

Beauty and Self-Care Go Hand in Hand With Health

Millennials are now 22-37 years old and their demand for cosmetic procedures is escalating.  Early care in the ’20s and ’30s is pushing the growing demand for cosmetic procedures.  As we have previously stated, AAFPRS members noted the average number of surgical procedures has almost doubled since 2013.  That means it’s up 47 percent.  And botox is up 22 percent.

Our conclusion: facial tweaks and treatments continue to be embraced and are sought after at a marathon pace.

AAFPRS members note that there is more emphasis on early care or pre-juvenation in the ’20s and ’30s.  They also noted that technology – both in the physician’s office and at home – plays a key role in confidence.

Subtle, confidence boosting treatments like injectables, lasers, peels, and micro-needling are in especially high demand, as are treatments that combine two or three of these non-invasive options in one visit.

And he added, “Injectables are only increasing in popularity…”  And he continued, “this is because of the subtle, yet noticeable visual result they deliver for a relatively affordable price tag as compared to surgical options,” says Dr. Langsdon.

Amazingly, cosmetic non-surgical procedures amounted to four-fifths of the treatments performed by facial plastic surgeons in 2018.

Number 7 of 7 Updated Trends for Plastic Surgery:  Avoiding the Revisions

And here we place a note of caution if you are shopping for plastic surgery or non-invasive plastic surgery procedures.  The word for having plastic surgery or non-invasive procedures re-done, corrected is revision.  It might shock you to know that revision surgery has skyrocketed in the past year.

One-third of the doctors in the survey explained the revisions were the direct result of pseudo-plastic surgeons doing procedures, even non-invasive ones, for which they were not properly trained or board-certified.   Thus, discovering the right doctor for you is critical to attaining your best outcomes in this new age of subtlety.

Experience, training and artistic talent all come into play.  And this is not a place to trust bargain beauty shop discount deals, even in the simplest procedure.  “The number one thing that AAFPRS members recommend to prospective patients of all ages is to trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon.”

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Ladies and gentlemen, this definitely means you should shop only for a board-certified plastic surgeon.  For the delicate, restrained tweaks and touches of your 21st-century face, you require someone who specializes “in plastic surgery of the face, head, and neck.”

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Can Be Trusted With Specialized Skin Care.

Good Skin Requires Care! Trust It Only To A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

The AAFPRS and Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa remind you, “Your face and skin are not the place to cut corners with discount deals.”

The victims of the television show “Botched,” can well testify to this warning.  So, do your homework and research your desired procedure and outcome with care and precision.

And do not hesitate to call us for consultations about specific procedures as listed within the pages of this website.  As always we thank you for reading the Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa Blog.   And we invite you to return soon for more news you can use about plastic surgery and medspa procedures.

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