Trends, Plastic Surgery and You:  This Report is an annual tradition among the doctors and staff of the Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa.  Here in Sarasota, we know the first month of the New Year is the perfect time to shape new ideas, plans, and goals in our lives.  Thus, we interrupt our special series on lip enhancement to bring you the most recent wisdom concerning national trends in plastic surgery for the New Year.

Trends in Plastic Surgery and You: Creating A New You?

Trends in Beauty and Skin Care Makes Women Ageless in 2019

Beauty is Timeless and Ageless in 2019

Likewise, the doctors of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery also like to take a look into the future and sound off about the trends they see in the New Year.  And this year, the AAFPRS and Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa see many of the same things happening.

Trends in Plastic Surgery: Number 1 for 2019:  The Natural Look Will Prevail

We are pleased to say that the duck-billed lips, overly chiseled noses and frozen facial tissues of the “Artificial Look” are passé. They are “over.”  Nowhere is this more evident than in Sarasota Florida, our hometown.

Here in Sarasota, a world of natural, healthy, God-given features thrives.  The natural look fits our active, natural lifestyle of morning beach walks, afternoon nature hikes, tennis, and moonlight swims.  However, natural does not mean neglect.  For example, many of our bronzed faces are glowing with Altiora sunscreen and moisturizer, not sun damage.  Breasts might be enhanced, but their shape and sculpt will be natural, and their proportion appropriate.

The Altiora Plastic Surgery Trend in Sarasota:  True to You

Sarasota women, we believe, are currently enjoying the cosmetic enhancement procedures that transform them.  They are transformed, not into movie stars, but into a refreshed and revitalized version of themselves.  They are still themselves, only at their best.  We see the same trend nationally.  And plastic surgeons all over the country are saying, “As the memories of that over-done look fade to black, we can expect an even greater uptick in the number of men and women seeking cosmetic enhancements.”

The Big Trend in Plastic Surgery for Sarasota and the Nation:

Trends in Self Care

2019 Healthy Skin Care Therapy is About Self-Care

Plastic Surgery Trends in 2019 are not so much about creating a new you or making you over into today’s superstar.  It is much more about creating tiny, subtle enhancements that maintain your individualized look.

  • Unlike the previous 3 years, it seems now that the public has decided they do not have to resemble their celebrities in order to love them.
  • “In fact, most patients fear the stretched or windblown look as well as the overdone, unnatural-looking nose.”
  • And we might add, they no longer aspire to become a clone of this or that certain celebrity. (Even if the star’s last name starts with a “K.”

Checking Out that National Plastic Surgery Trend and Correcting a Few West Coast Views

There have been some “Overdone Hollywood celebrities” whose exaggerated appearances have caused the public to fear plastic surgery.”  This fear makes it even more important to know and trust your surgeon.

Trends in Plastic Surgery Number 2:  Patient Education and Surgeons Facing Challenges

As we move into 2019, we believe, with the other members of The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, that the “biggest challenge for well-trained facial plastic surgeons is to help patients understand that they can have improvements while looking totally normal, just better.”

Such were the words of  Phillip R. Langsdon, MD.  He is a Memphis facial plastic surgeon and president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

Mary Lynn Moran, MD, is a Nashville facial plastic surgeon.  And she is also the president-elect of the AAFPRS and gives pointed examples.  She adds “We will see less overfilling of cheeks and lips in the coming year.”

Trends In Plastic Surgery–Number 3:  “Micro will be a Macro Buzz Word in 2019.”

Happy Moms Make Happy Families

Plastic Surgery Trend Are Helping Moms stay Confident and Happy in 2019

The experts have listed these minimally invasive procedures as some of the top facial procedures in 2019.  Microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Microblading, and Micro or “baby” Botox.

  • Microneedling: This procedure uses a special roller or device paved with minuscule needles.  The tiny channels etched into the skin trigger its natural wound-healing capabilities.  This incites the production of collagen and elastin.  You might already be aware that collagen and elastin create youthful skin.  PRP injections, to put it succinctly,  jump-start this healing response.
  • Microblading:  Have you over-plucked or waxed your brows? Microblading will be your answer to the problem in 2019.  “It’s a type of tattooing where a pigment is implanted under the skin with a manual handheld tool.”
  • Micro-Botox:  This is the delicate art of Botox injection at its finest.  It involves the skilled injecting of “tiny amounts of neuro-modulator within the upper layers of the skin…”  The results are amazing for this plastic surgery trend.  The treatment enhances tone, smooths wrinkles, and reduces the size of pores.

Trends in Plastic Surgery:  Number 4. Either for Selfies or Self-Care, Minimal Tweaks Earn maximum Results

Plastic surgeons are expecting selfie-awareness to continue to fuel social media.  This will keep people aware of the connection between self-confidence and social awareness.  In turn, that will continue to bring people to the doors of the plastic surgeon.  However, once they arrive there, doctors must be ultra-careful to examine the patient’s truest expectations before slating a procedure.

The Selfie Effect–No Selfie Shaming, However…

Did you know that in 2017, 55% of facial plastic surgeons noted their patients expressed “a desire to look better in selfies?”  And this has only “gotten more pronounced?”  Here in Sarasota, we hopefully predict that you will, for professional and personal reasons, realize the importance of self-care and self-confidence.   Such realizations go far beyond how you look in your selfies.

Plastic Surgery Trend 5:  Communication Between Surgeons and Patients Will Improve

At Altiora Plastic surgery, we are very aware of the importance of presenting ourselves at our best.  And the selfie craze makes us even more careful at consultations to set goals.  We hope doctors and health-care specialists will educate patients about the realistic capabilities of their plastic surgery hopes.  In 2019 more than ever, expectations and goals must be understood.  And they must be shared by both doctor and patient.  (This is intensely important.  Especially with the social media environment and photo editing software of 2019.   Upcoming blogs tell you more.

In 2019, social media will be a double-edged sword in regards to plastic and cosmetic surgery.  On the one hand, popular interests in plastic surgery have been raised.  Dr. Lanston states, “There is definitely more interest because of social media…”  On the other hand, some patients have unrealistic goals.  As Dr. Langston puts it, “There is also a growing misconception of what can be realistically improved as well as how those improvements might be attained.”

Best Wishes for Your Happiest, Healthiest Beginning in 2019

Meanwhile, we hope you have formulated your resolutions for the New Year, and you are on your way to setting your personal and business goals for 2019.  Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa knows that you want to project positive, vibrant confidence in your private and public life.

You do better with both business and family associates when you feel strong, vibrant, and rejuvenated.  At Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa, some forms of plastic surgery can help project the best version of you.  This includes minimally invasive procedures and medspa therapies.

This is especially true when combined with realistic self-improvement objectives and a healthy lifestyle.  That’s a happy, healthy trend in 2019.

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