Thermi is the latest technological treatment for giving clients a non-invasive tightening, lifting, revitalization of slightly sagging skin.

For our clients who are not quite ready for a surgical procedure, we now offer a revolutionary treatment, “Thermi.”  This is a radiofrequency treatment that heats up tissues just below the skin.

Just in time for Spring, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings you Thermi!

Thermi: 21st Century Treatment Use Radiofrequency instead of toxin derivatives. 

Just In Time for Springtime Skin Rejuvenation!

The treatments might give you just the amount of lifting and tightening you desire.

If you have ever wished for just a little more lift here or a little more tightness there?  Thermi might be just right for you.

Likewise if the use of toxin based therapy, like Botox worries you, then you might prefer the Rf technology of Thermi treatments.  You might have heard of Thermi as ThermiRF, because it is a radio-frequency powered technology.

Thermi:  Skin Gets a Big Boost!

To the general public, Thermi treatments really might seem quite new in comparison to some of the other non-invasive or minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments and techniques.  The FDA cleared it for USA use in 2013.

Now, with training, proven technique and perfected technology, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery is delighted to be offering this minimally invasive procedure to clients.

Thermi:  Twenty First Century Technology

On the market today, you will see several types of “Thermi treatments, each with its own specialized goal.  They are all based on

Thermi comes to you from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery. No Downtime and Firmer, Tighter Skin.

Thermi Treatments: Tighten and Rejuvenate your Skin For Spring! 

“controlled subdermal Tissue Heating.”

Thermi-Tight- Introducting Controlled Subdermal Tissue Heating

“During the ThermiTight® application,” The doctor uses a miniscule probe, just under the skin, to “gently heat specific tissues to a physician-selected therapeutic temperature.”  Then, the physician places a gentle wrap over the skin and you are free to “resume normal activities the very next day.”

ThermiRase-Erasing the Lines of Time

Frown-lines are often the problem when a woman looks older than she feels.  Thermi addresses this condition with “ThermiRase.”  The doctor performs this toxin-free treatment by precisely disabling “the nerves which control the muscles associated with unwanted face and neck lines.”

ThermiSmooth Face:  Very Gentle Subdural Tissue Heating 

During the ThermiSmooth face treatment, the doctor uses a special temperature controlled hand-piece.  He also monitors the temperature continually so the smoothing effect is safe and even.  Over the course of several weeks, it is not unusual for the effects to require 3-6 applications.

Thermi-Smooth Body”  Incredible Temporary Reduction of Cellulite

ThermiSmooth Body targets areas beneath the skin that often have the a curdled appearance.  We know this as cellulite.

Over 6-8 weeks, the treatments are gently repeated, and the results are amazing.  There is an obvious temporary reduction of cellulite.

Thermi Treatments and Your Safety

Below is a the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery list of precautions recommended with the use of Thermi:

1.  We never apply any type of Thermi Radiofrequency if you are pregnant.

2.  You should not take Thermi treatments if you have a fever.

3.  Thermi is not meant to be administered to any area of skin where there is infection.

4.  You will be awake and carefully monitored during the procedure, to be certain no unanticipated reaction is occuring.

The Thermi treatments are bringing beauty, confidence and healthy looking skin to patients every day.  There is very little downtime and it is non-surgical.  One point we love to make is that the Thermi procedure harnesses your own body’s healing ability, causing it to produce collagen.  And we all know the beauty and power of collagen!

So, it is no wonder Thermi treatments erase lines, sags and years from face and body! Perhaps you owe it to yourself to find out more about this treatment. Just call us at  our Sarasota or our Orlando location for more information.

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