Our face-lift blog this week begins with a story.  Ella thought she might want a face-lift when she was in her early forties. However many of the new non-surgical anti-aging techniques debuted and she avoided the issue. Then, career and family responsibilities overtook her schedule.

Fillers, Botox and No Time for a Face-lift

Ella Wonders if she needs a Face-Lift to maintain her image at home and in business.

At a Certain Age, A Woman Wonders About keeping Her Look.

Soon she was simply too busy for anything more than her quick Botox and filler sessions. A face-lift was out of the question. No time, not even a clear weekend.

Now, Ella is in her 50’s but she is active. In addition to running her own business, she keeps fit by swimming, walking and playing tennis.  She thrives on her the Sarasota outdoorsy lifestyle.

Sunscreen and Moisturizer Are Our Friends

Thanks to her mother’s early training in the use of sunscreen, her skin has great texture and resilience, for her age.  However, she has begun to think she is too old for cosmetic surgery or that she missed her chances.

However, she longs to see the same results her mother received when she had a “real” facelift years ago.  And Ella wonders about it as she walks by the seashore.  She’s wearing a dove grey hoodie, with the light of the sunset glowing on her face. She certainly did not look her age. And she did not want to–not in the near future.

Facing the Face-Lift and New Facts from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Little did Ella know that a scholarly report recently listed the Face-lift as one of the surgeries that were “previously believed to be on the decline or leveling out…” However, these surgeries actually “are increasing in popularity.”

First A Little Side-Track:  Let’s look at some of the backgrounds of that report from the ASAPS (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.)

One new secret the survey and research revealed was that surgical procedures accounted for 77% of all the surveyed physicians’ business.

The report also revealed that the ASAPS changed the style of their survey from years past.

A New Research Style for the ASAPS Survey

A Face-Lift can match your energy with your outer impression.

Sometimes a Face Lift Makes a Woman’s Outer Youth Match Her Energy.

1.   “The latest annual survey… from the organization now reflects input exclusively from ABPS board-certified plastic surgeons.

2.   In previous years, they surveyed a much wider range of specialties.  Thus, the “latest annual survey (Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics) from the organization now reflects input exclusively from ABPS board-certified plastic surgeons.”

Clyde H. Ishii, MD, President of ASAPS stated, “We opted to change the format of our survey to better represent the specialty of plastic surgery…” And he added, “After more than two decades of collecting data from various specialties it made sense for us to fine-tune our survey and take a closer look at what board-certified plastic surgeons are seeing in their practices,” he explains.”

What about the Face-lift—is it Antiquated?

With the fine-tuned approach, researchers discovered that the face-lift is by no means antiquated.  And mainstream media seems to foster the belief that face-lifts are obsolete.  W. Grant Stevens, MD, President-elect of ASAPS stated, “In fact, the new data indicates that the number of facelifts performed in the United States increased by 21.9% in the past year alone and by 21.8% over the past five years,” he added.

Why Has the Face-lift Become Popular Again?

Finding out the reasons or secrets behind this new fact, experts explained,

1.   He explained, “With advances including less invasive techniques,

2.   resulting in less post-operative downtime,

3.   An increasing number of patients are warming up to the idea of going under the knife…”

And the Face-lift is Still the Real Thing

And as to the ultimate “why,” Dr. Stevens thinks it is because of surgeries such as the Face-lift promise results that last longer. (So in the end, the face-lift not only offers prettier results, over the non-invasive procedures, but it saves time and repeated visits in the long run.) Just as Ella thought, the Face-lift is the Real Thing when compared to other methods of rejuvenating the human face.

More about Ella, Her Vintage Look, and Her Face-lift Decision

As you might imagine, Ella did some research after her walk on the beach. She was delighted to discover the new statistics, noted above. She also checked out more information about today’s face-lifts and she condensed it to a few pros and cons with the help of the online resource at The Smart Beauty Guide. 

Pros:  The Positive Secrets of Today’s Face-lift:

  1. A Face-lift can improve many areas of the face in one surgery
  2. The procedure can last for ten or more years and make you look ten to fifteen years younger.
  3. The surgery can re-contour the neck and jawline better than all other techniques at this time. https://www.smartbeautyguide.com/procedures/head-face/facelift/

Cons:  The Negative Secrets of Today’s Face-lift: 

  1. The Face-lift is not a fountain of youth.
  2. Remember a Face-lift will not create a brand “new”
  3. It will only give a younger version of yourself.
  4. Understand this surgery brings some downtime for healing
  5. Depending on your age and skin type, you may want a secondary procedure later on

 New Discoveries from the ASAPS Research

In addition to her new discoveries about Face-lift surgery, Ella found more fascinating details about other plastic surgical procedures that unexpectedly have shown growth in numbers.  She saw larger statistics for breast lifts, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery – upper and lower), upper arm lifts and liposuction.

In every case, these surgeries have increased by double-digits over 2017-18.  Plus all of them have seen double-digit increases over the past five years as well.

Let’s Look at the Numbers:

A Face-lift can reinvigorate a client's self-confidence.

This Patient had a Face-Lift to match her appearance with her energy and style.

Breast lifts are up by 13.9% over the past year and 57.5% over the past five years
• Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) has risen 26.3% over the past year and gone up 33.5% over the past five years
• Liposuction is now up 16.5% over the past year and 58.0% over the past five years
• Upper arm lifts are up 20.1% over the past year and 59.1% over the past five years.

In conclusion, research also labeled the 5 most popular surgical and nonsurgical procedures for women as follows:

Top 5 Surgical Procedures for 2017-2018 Women:

• Breast Augmentation
• Liposuction
• Breast Lift
• Tummy Tuck
• Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Top 5 Nonsurgical Procedures for Women:
• Botulinum Toxin
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Hair Removal
• Nonsurgical Fat Reduction
• Chemical Peels

A Terrific Take-Away

We realize you want to know the ending of our story about Ella.  As we leave her, she has made an appointment with her board approved

Our veterans deserve our honor. We salute them.

We Salute and Honor our Veterans!

plastic surgeon.

Although she is fairly convinced she would like to have a Face-lift, she needs to discuss it with her board certified plastic surgeon before they make a firm decision for or against the operation. We leave the final decision about having “the real thing” up to her and her surgeon, as we should.

Thank you once again for reading the Blog at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medispa. And remember this is Veteran’s Day Week, and we honor and thank all our military for thier service.

We hope you have a happy Monday and a wonderful week ahead of you.

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