Flowers? Candy? Dinner and a Movie? A Red Convertible? A Home-made card? Perfume, jewelry and Lingerie? This Valentine’s Day, do you know the heart’s desire of your significant other?

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery believes this is an appropriate time to broach a delicate subject: Gift Certificates For Plastic Surgery:

For Christmas, Birthdays, and other holidays, our gift certificates are becoming more and more popular. Our concern is that these gifts of plastic surgery require tact and delicacy.

Our doctors and staff sincerely believe that a person should only get plastic surgery if they wish it dearly for themselves, for their own concept of enhancement and self confidence.

As the gift-giver, you must carefully consider how the receiver might perceive your gift of plastic surgery.

On the one hand, if you give a certificate for a rhinoplasty to your loved one, he or she might think you are dislike their nose! They might appreciate your intentions, but deep down, resent your implication that they need improvement to earn your love.

On the other hand, if you know your beloved or your dear friend has been craving for botox, or saving up for a facelift, or planning liposuction because they lost some weight recently, than perhaps a gift certificate would be the perfect Valentine!

If you need more information about a procedure that your significant other has mentioned, then this helpful source might give you some ideas.

If you know your significant other  has a heart’s desire for plastic surgery, we would be glad to help you.  Be sure he or she is fully aware of our skin care procedures and products.  There is no doubt that a gift certificate from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery can make special  wishes come true.

Here are some other unique, sincere, significant and reasonably priced gifts we Valentine Gifts we have recently heard about this week:

Gift 1. Quit Smoking: We know it is time for you to stop smoking. So do you. Make a commitment, and find a way. Quitting will allow you to spend more days, more life, with your loved ones, and to protect them from your second hand smoke.

Gift 2. Skip the Movie: Instead of a sitting activity, celebrate your love with something active! Exercise is important, so plan an outdoor activity in the fresh air. Just a walk in the park or a brisk bikeride through the neighborhood can refresh and reinvigorate you.

Gift 3. Avoid the Flu: Here is an unusual gift: we suggest you get your flu vaccine shot! It is not too late, and one gift you do not want to give your significant other is a flu virus.

The doctors and staff of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery wish you a Happy Valentine Week-end and we hope you and your Valentine will enjoy a beautiful, stress-free celebration of Love.

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