Dr. Cicilioni and his entire staff wish you Star-Spangled-Sarasota Greetings for Happy July 4th. From Sarasota and Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa.  We mean it, straight from the heart of the great Suncoast of the USA and Sarasota.  Also we want you and your family to enjoy a Star-Spangled-Sarasota Independence Day.  We hope you can make room for a moment of thought about the joy of being an American.  And the freedom we enjoy living in this great country.   That feeling is the star of our inspiring July 4th celebration!

With unashamed patriotism, we remind you that the Fourth of July is America’s Birthday Celebration.  Likewise, we hope your Independence Weekend is Star-Spangled.  And filled with the love and joy of celebrating with family and friends.

Scenic surroundings and top medical attention attract visitors to Sarasota for a Star-spangled Holiday.

Visit Altiora Plastic Surgery &Medspa and beautiful Sarasota, Florida, USA for Your best ever Star-Spangled July 4 Holiday!

Happy Star-Spangled Sarasota Independence Day 2018—Sarasota Style

Our tips for July 4 skin safety is upcoming.  But, first, let us take a moment to praise our Suncoast communities.  We are especially proud to be a part of our beloved Sarasota community for their patriotic participation in this great American holiday.  Happy Star-Spangled Independence Day wishes.  They come to your family from ours over this wonderful 2018 July 4 holiday.

Family-Friendly Events

Light Up the Sky, Sarasota!  You won’t have to search far to find family-friendly events in Sarasota any weekend.  But, they are especially abundant on the July 4 weekend.  In Sarasota, we are part of a community that is celebrating the joy of our citizenship in this great nation.  If you’re reading this from a nearby town, Altiora Plastic Surgery & Med-Spa are inviting you to become a Sarasota citizen for a day or two or three.  Plan on a quick vacation to our beaches, cultural events, and our great town.

There’s simply no celebration quite like a Sarasota Fourth of July.  For daytime, there are boat, car and foot races.  Every museum and national park area has something special planned.  Our community has planned everything from parades to food to festivals and, of course, fireworks.

And let us not forget the soul of Saratoga, the amazing beach.  Ahhh yes, what could be more inspiring than fireworks over the ocean?

Star-Spangled celebrations of July 4 need family and sunscreen.

Family and Country are integral to the Sarasota Life. At Altiora, we are part of the “Land of the Free because we are the Home of the Brave.”


We guarantee every American heart will beat a little faster when they see how our community celebrates with power and pyrotechnics over the ocean.

A Star-Spangled Sarasota Style  Fourth of July–Our Favorite Events

What:  July 4, 2018–On the Grounds of Selby Gardens, enjoy the food and see the Fireworks and live music, right over Sarasota Bay at the All American Barbecue and Independence Day Celebration.  See the Fireworks over Sarasota Bay.   We must quote the write-up from the online source, Visit Sarasota.

“The Fourth of July All-American Cookout at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens takes the Independence Day BBQ and amps it up.  A lot.  Backyard?  Check – it’s a botanical garden.  Food?  Yup – grilled up by local favorite Michael’s on the East.  Games?  Got ‘em. – Slides, yard games, you name it.  Music? Live, of course.  Fireworks?  Only the best.  – Front row seats of the lights over the Bay.  It’s the ultimate event.  And no one needs to do any work for it.  Just buy your tickets, hop on the trolley, and enjoy.

The Best Celebrations

Star-Spangled celebrations in the sunshine require sunscreen!

Sarasota Spirit requires Sunscreen for skin protection during our Star-Spangled July 4 celebrations.

Altiora ask, “What could be a better Star-Spangled-Saratoga celebration than that?”

Where:  6 p.m. – 10 p.m.  Selby Gardens, 900 S. Palm Ave., Sarasota, FL. 941.366.5731
Find out more… or click here for tickets. 

What:  July 4, 2018: Enjoy the Fireworks Spectacular over Sarasota Bay.  This amazing fireworks show is Part of the Suncoast Offshore Festival.  You do not have to be a tourist to be there.  We at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Medspa will be viewing it free.  But, you can watch from anywhere downtown.  We advise you to check out the Bayfront Park or Island Park early for vantage points.

Here is what we at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa love about our community:  The Sarasota show is privately funded.  And our charity is focused and benefits “Suncoast Charities for Children.”  Discover even more about the Sarasota Fourth of July Events on Escape-to-Sarasota.

Star-Spangled Altiora Wants You to Stay Safe.  Note this Major Sarasota Traffic  Tip from Altiora Plastic Surgery.

For either event we want you to know this great tip:  Heading to the Fireworks Spectacular over Sarasota Bay?  Find out what traffic is like by calling 511 toll-free, visiting https://fl511.com/ or checking the free Florida 511 mobile app.  You also can get traffic updates on Twitter by following @FL511_SOUTHWEST.

Star-Spangled Sarasota Sunscreen Time!

Sun Alert from Altiora Plastic Surgery in Sarasota.

Because we care about You: A Special July 4 Sun Alert from your friends at Altiora Plastic Surgery.

We hope many of our readers, clients, family, and friends will be spending time in the glorious Florida sunshine over the coming July 4, 2014 weekend holiday.   But Altiora Plastic Surgery is concerned about your skin!

As skin experts, we are very community involved and it hurts us to see our citizens and our visitors flirting with painful skin conditions like melanoma.

This is our official warning from Dr. Cicilioni and the staff at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa.  You should take the sun with be extreme caution.

We hope you protect yourself with our Melamine Shade.  This is Altiora’s exclusive sunscreen product.  But whatever brand you use, please slather it on generously.  We do not want you to face a melanoma or any other type of skin disease or damage.

Our Star-Spangled Sun Schedule:  The Sun Danger Hours before the Fireworks–Tick! Tock!

Did you know there are times when the sunrays pose the most danger?

1.    Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa Tip:  Please stay away from the sun between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Stay out of the sun when it is strongest.

2.   We also highly recommend awnings, cabanas, and sun umbrellas for your use during the safer hours of sun exposure.

Even Star-Spangled Celebrations require sunscreen protection.

Sunscreen protects you from skin cancer while you celebrate your Sarasota July 4th Holiday.

3.   Would you believe you still need to use sunscreen, even in the shade?  It’s true.

4.   Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa Tip:  Protection for your face, neck, and scalp is important.  Wear a hat with a wide brim that encircles your head.  Caution:  The brim should not be lacey or loose woven.  Sun rays can penetrate that kind of style and destroy skin on your ears, neck, and face.

Hats and Sun Glasses

5.  Can a hat add protection?  Did you know the best protection is a dark-colored canvas hat?  But no hat in the world is enough protection unless you also apply your sunscreen.

6.   Don’t forget your sunglasses.  Your eyes need protection, just like your skin.  During the sunniest parts of the day, wear a long-sleeved shirt, flowing skirt, or long pants.  Do this at the very least.  Since our office is located in the stylish St. Armands Circle, we are well aware that stylish options exist for sun and fun in the hottest hours of the day.

Altiora Plastic Surgery hopes you will invest in a long beach cover-up.  Use one that really covers up the exposed parts of your skin.
Did you know there are clothes to protect your skin from UV light?  Check out this online source and see clothing styled as sun protection. 

Our Final Star-Spangled Warning About that Golden Tan and Laying Out on the July 4 Weekend and Summer Days To Come

Please consider the dangers inherent in that high-fashion skin of a golden bronze color.  Without sunscreen and smart sun habits, you are risking skin cancer, premature skin aging, wrinkles and ugly age spots.  These are not high-fashion or chic.

Dr. Cicilioni and the staff of the Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa whole-heartedly wish you a fun-filled July 4th Celebration.  We hope it is full of the spirit of the “land of the brave and the home of the free!”  Be Safe.  Be Strong.  And be Inspired.  Be Careful.  Have Fun on your Star-Spangled events and carry the Sarasota spirit of freedom wherever you go. 

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