Skin craves attention when the seasons change.

Fresh, Revitalized Skin Is Always In Style, Beauty and Health!

Fashion dictates that you are “in” or “out” of style.  Spring 2017 is no exception.  But glowing skin is always “in.”  In Spring Style, Beauty and Health, 2017 declares: Great Skin is In!

How To Get Great Skin for Spring 2017

If you did not catch the feel or scent of spring in our fine Florida air, you probably caught it from the glossy covers of the newest fashion magazines!

As we prepare to glide through the cosmetic aisles of popular stores, we see that lips will be brighter, blush will be pinker and golden glitter will touch the sunny days of 2017. But stop!

Before you transform your cosmetics for the season, and before you change the color palette  of your make-up for the spring season…Orlando Cosmetic Surgery reminds you: Under the peach eye-shadow and bronze contour cream, spring dictates your skincare routine should also undergo a subtle change.

We proudly present our Top Five Spring 2017 Skincare Tips:

1.  Sunscreen Is Reigning Supreme!

We hope you have been wearing sunscreen all winter.  But just in case you haven’t been slathering it on, it’s time to intensify your effort.  Indeed, famed New York dermatologist, Dr. Jeannette Graf recently stated in the new March issue of Allure magazine, “I’ve seen patients apply sunscreen correctly before sun exposure, reapply, and still burn.  If you’re planning a tropical trip in the middle of winter, prepare your skin by applying sunscreen all over your face and body every night for a full month.  It has a cumulative effect on skin.”  Good  Advice, at home or abroad!

As we have stated before, you don’t need to be a sun worshiper to suffer the damaging effect of the sun.  Even if you are only walking from your car into your office, the sun – in any season — can cause a damaging effect on your face, neck and any exposed parts of your body.  And, as you know, spring and summer ups the ante on aging and damage to your skin cells.

For spring 2017, we continue to recommend a broad-spectrum, like our Prevention+ SPF 50 from Image. 

2.  Destroying the Doldrums of Dryness:

Winter enemies of the skin include dryness and a disconcerting dullness of the skin.  It’s time to get serious about preparing for the warmer months.

Skin Needs Attention When Spring Begins to Arrive.

Spring 2017: Skincare brings the bonuses of beauty and health.

Perhaps a glycolic cleanser or a hyaluronic acid moisturizer will rejuvenate your skin routine and combat that winter dullness.

Are you puzzled by all the glamour skin advice in the magazines?

Instead of the blinding glitz, we hope you will seek medical advice about the unique and personal needs of your skin.  Of course, we invite you to enjoy medical skin advice from the doctors and staff of experts at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Medi- Spa.  They can recommend a personalized skincare routine in keeping with the season.  Take the time now track down any skin issues, before spring heats up into summer.

3.  The Spoils of Heavy Oils

Meanwhile, you might discover that your oils don’t seem as light weight and airy as they did two months ago.  Let’s rethink your cleanser, especially the oily one.

Unless your oil is applied before your basic cleanser, it might be time to switch.  Dermatologist Dr. Craig Kraffert, MD recommends: “You may adore your oil cleanser, but spring’s the time to switch it out.”  He explains, “Oils become less tolerated when the weather heats up.”

And he adds, “You need less oil, because there’s more humidity in the air.”

4.  Spring– Time to Clean up the Clutter — Inside and Out

Just as we think of spring cleaning for our homes, let’s give stronger consideration to our skin cleansing.  If you are not yet using a skin brush like the famous Clarisonic, this might be a valuable spring-time treat.

Healthy, Radiant Skin for Spring 2017

Spring Skin: Beautiful at Every Age–With A Little TLC

As you attend to your cleansing and exfoliating ritual, watch your skin gain an amazing spring glow.

However, do not over-do your cleansing ritual, no matter how you do it.  Excessive scrubbing is quite irritating and harmful.  Experts tell us this is a common problem as we go from winter to spring.

“Most women find they need to moisturize more in the winter when the humidity drops and skin gets drier.  Yet because skin can feel raw and sensitive, they’re likely to skip exfoliation.  The result is a dry, flaky complexion at the start of spring.”

So, be gentle but thorough with your skin cleansing ritual.

5.  Moisturizer Magic

With all the cleansing and the lighter make-up routines for spring, it can be easy to forget about moisturizing.  Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery we urge you not to allow longer days and spring schedule to distract you.  In the spring, you might change to a lighter moisturizer, but remember your skin craves moisture to thrive and glow.

So just add moisture, no matter what the season!  Remember as you explore your 2017 spring style, great skin is always in–at any age, in any season.

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