Despite the slow recovery of the economy, there were still 13.8 million plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures performed last year. 2011 saw an increase of 5% from the year before according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).   Maybe this was because people are feeling a bit more confident about the recession finally recovering. Although the family always comes first, more and more Americans are feeling they can now do a bit for themselves. Some of the top procedures include:  eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and liposuction.

Another procedure which has enjoyed tremendous growth is the facelift. Those requesting facelift procedures rose 9% in 2010 with almost 113,000 procedures performed across America. Many folks have started saving and spending less. Therefore, as their debt decreases, the opportunities to spend the savings on elective surgery is on the rise.

In the past when an employee considered a procedure, he or she were concerned about the impact on other employees, bosses or peers. Would they feel the procedure was a statement of vanity? Would it appear the employee was selfish or too concerned with appearance rather than with job performance?  All of this weighed heavily upon anyone considering a cosmetic procedure if they were employed.  As we reached 2012 we quickly realized it was now an accepted practice to want to look younger and to wish for an image enhancement.  No longer is the same stigma attached to finding ways to look your best and to turn back a few years by using surgical or non-invasive cosmetic methods available.

As Botox, Juvederm and other fillers came on the scene, more consumers are regularly finding it affordable to look their best. Looking better, looking younger and looking more refreshed is now not only accepted but now embraced by those having the finances.  These procedures are minimally-invasive and with the cost for fillers still very low, most consumers can afford these procedures. There is little or no recovery time and the procedures leave the consumer with almost immediate satisfaction. Many procedures can be done on a lunch hour so this has become more convenient for those at the workplace.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC we believe that the year 2012 will bring even more consumers around to requesting more minimally-invasive methods to look their best. If you’re looking for cost effective ways to look your best …. call us to schedule a quick consultation to discuss all of the options available.

Have a lucky St. Patrick’s Day ahead and hurry back for more beauty tips and news from our team.

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