There have been many stides this year with more and more people searching for that ageless appearance.  There are buzz words that concern all of us who are professionals in this business.  The top buzz word this year has been “minimally invasive.”  This word to most of our clients mean there is little down time and very little pain.  Without knowing exactly what is being considered for these “minimally invasive” claims, we encourage all consumers to ask about “scientific evidence that the treatment or procedure works.  We understand that with our busy lives we look for the quick fixes and are caught up in all types of advertising which is blasted across our TV screens daily promising little pain while  using “minimally invasive techniques.”  These claims are hard to resist.

We would ask all consumers that may be reading this blog post to make sure you take time to visit qualified physicians when you’re thinking about making a cosmetic change to any part of your body.  Do your research and get several opinions before speeding toward a result which may or may not be what you are expecting.  A licensed cosmetic or plastic surgeon will take the time to explain both the pros and the cons of any procedure.

With the new year, there will be new treatments and surgical methods marketed to the public.  Each one should be tested thoroughly to provide the public with a great measure of confidence regarding safety and result satisfaction.  For an example, a clinical study recently co-authored by a dermatologist and assistant clinical professor at Yale has quantified the skin-tightening effects of “ePrime” a non-invasive laser treatment to take care of deep lines, wrinkles, acne scars and general sagging of the skin.

He has stated that this “ePrime” laser procedure will bring a result of about 37% effectiveness when compared to a normal facelift procedure.  However, this is only one study and one conclusion.  Much more testing needs to be done before the general public will know whether or not this treatment is safe and lives up to results presented.

Safety is the first consideration when choosing any option and here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC we use both tried and true methods as well as new products and cutting edge surgical and cosmetic techniques.  Before using these however, we make sure they have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and effective in achieving the result claimed.

Every patient deserves his or her best option explained in a way that is easy to understand.  Give yourself the best chance for the expected result.  Know ahead of time what to expect.  All of your questions should be answered.  Do your research and be safe!

Call Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC to set up a meeting with Dr. Cicilioni to discuss options for your procedure. We hope that your new year is a wonderful one and we look forward to meeting with you in 2012 should you be looking for a more beautiful you.  Happy New Year …..from our staff at “Orlando Costmetic Surgery, LLC.”

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