Ever since the first face-lift was performed in 1901, women have had an option of looking better than their natural age. If you are reading this, then you might be considering such a procedure. Here is the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery number one rule regarding your consideration of a facelift: Be honest about your reasons for wanting the facelift, and be realistic with your expectations for the surgery.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) endorses two special groups of patients who are “good candidates for surgery:”

1. The first includes patients with a “strong self-image, who are bothered by a physical characteristic that they’d like to improve or change.”

For example Lisa thinks her drooping eyelids make her look excessively worried and sleep-deprived, and she is basically happy! (The examples in this story are completely fictitious, and generalized, just to give you typical information.)

2. Group two includes “patients who have a physical defect or cosmetic flaw that has diminished their self-esteem over time.” In her younger years, Gina scarcely noticed her deviated septum or the slight dent in the side of her right nostril. As she has aged, however, she has gained depth in her nasal labial folds, and jowls. The dent is deeper and the twist in her septum more noticeable.

Our Caution As You Regard Your Reasons for Face-lift:

Our team at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery can enact physical changes in your face. Yes, these changes can boost your self-esteem. Where the disappointment can occur is if you are having the surgery to influence a change in your relationship with another human being, for example, a spouse.  As you review the goals you have, in your secret heart, here are some reasons we might consider inappropriate for having a facelift:

Do Not Schedule a Facelift If …

1. You have just obtained a divorce: “Patients in crisis, such as those who are going through divorce, the death of a spouse, or the loss of a job might be seeking results that can not be accomplished through changing their appearance.”

2. You have decided you want to look just like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Anniston: You are in for a disappointment if you think that a movie star’s look will give you their lifestyle, money or fame.

3. You want to be transformed into an eighteen year old again.

4. You are always impossible to please. (We apologize to you who are “born perfectionists.” You still might “be suitable candidates for surgery, as long as you are realistic enough to understand that surgical results may not precisely match your goals.)”

5. You are convinced that life will be perfect when your one facial defect is corrected.

A New Trend In Goals For Facelifts

Now that you know some of the appropriate and inappropriate reasons to seek out a facelift, let’s look at a new reason, which might have impressive merit. Dr. Alexiades Armenakas, A New York City doctor, who has three Harvard degrees, has some very special facelift clients: “high-powered New York Professional women of a certain age who do not want to be forced to downshift their careers because of a perception that they are too old” to get the job done!

She stated, in a recent New York Times article, “I get C.E.O.’s of huge companies, who want to remain active well into their sixties.” One of her clients, Melanie Kusin, vice chairman at Korn/Ferry International, agrees. “It’s a cruel world. It’s incredibly important to project the right image.”

The doctor says, “My patients aren’t in here because they are trying to hold onto their husbands. If they’re trying to hang on to anything, it’s their jobs.”

The women in this niche are very realistic. Their image does not mean looking young and beautiful. They are seeking a redefined beauty that is very new and very 21st century, a beauty of eternal, early middle age. They want to look old enough to gain respect, and yet young enough to “remain vital.”

In fact, Dr Alexiades-Armenakas stated, “If you leave a few wrinkles, it looks more authentic.” Ms. Kusin put some numbers on it, stating that the golden years were 45 to 55. This is indeed a new aesthetic, and a practical goal, but it is good to remember that facelift or not, your appearance can not guarantee you will keep a beloved job. After all, that is what you DO, not who you ARE. As long as you are aware of this, you will be considered a good candidate for a facelift.

Read more about the longevity of face-lifts  by clicking on this informative page. Thank you for reading our blog, and please continue dropping by for the latest news about 21st century cosmetic surgery trends and techniques. Meanwhile why not look into your mirror, and  figure out your version of personal beauty. Soul search your goals, and if you think a face-lift is right for you, call for a consultation. When it comes to looking your best…Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all? You are, of course.


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