After women have invested a great deal of time and money into a breast augmentation procedure or a breast implant, it is no wonder that many patients want to know how breast feeding may affect the appearance of the breasts.

Many studies have been done regarding this.  The evidence found, tells us that although breasts may have a tendency to sag more with each pregnancy, breast-feeding doesn’t seem to worsen these effects in women with or without breast implants. Breast augmentation can improve the overall look of the breast at any stage and there is no evidence to support not going forward with breast feeding an infant if this method has been chosen by the mother.

Breast enlargements and lifts do not prevent changes in the breast that occur as a result of future pregnancies, weight gain or loss, or the force of gravity over time.  However, it is widely believed, that breast-feeding alone will not negatively affect the appearance of the breasts.


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