Recent FDA findings on BOTOX® Cosmetic

As cosmetic surgeons, one of the top requests from patients is to address the lines around the eyes which are commonly known as “Crows Feet.” We have prescribed BOTOX® Cosmetic, the number-one prescribed facial aesthetic treatment in the U.S. for this issue for quite a while. Recently, on September 11, 2013, the FDA approved the use of BOTOX® Cosmetic for the temporary improvement of Moderate to Severe Lateral Canthal Lines (Crow’s Feet Lines) in adults.

We are pleased to share this press release with our blog viewers.

More and more women are considering BOTOX® as part of their regular beauty regimen.  Some of our patients have been using  BOTOX® for several years.  We are seeing just as many men as women asking to look their best which includes the use of BOTOX®. Although some surgical methods such as a facelift requires a longer down period, BOTOX® can easily be done over a lunch hour.  The less downtime involved is a plus for BOTOX® patients. Results take several days to become apparent and last an average of three months but does vary from patient to patient. With the recent approval by the FDA, we can expect an uptick in the amount of patients asking for this cosmetic procedure, feeling the procedure is safer after many clinical trials and the addition of the approval by the FDA.

Men are getting on board the BOTOX® train to better looks:

In 2012, Americans spent somewhere near $11 billion on cosmetic procedures. Although the majority of these patients were women, more than 360,000 men contributed to that number as they received BOTOX® procedures.  To remain safe, we suggest that you always make sure you are receiving “genuine BOTOX®.  The product label should state that it is made in the United States and made by the sole manufacturer ALLERGAN.

Make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon  in your area, who is board certified and a specialist in the area of both cosmetic and plastic surgery. A huge array of bad side effects can be experienced if you do not do your due diligence and stay safe in choosing the right place for purchasing and having BOTOX® administered.  If you are given a lower than average price beware and do your research to make sure the BOTOX® you are receiving is the right product.

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