A Note From Orlando To The Mid Atlantic:  Kinship In the Eye Of The Stormy Season

As we publish this blog, it has been a week since Hurricane Sandy devastated thousands of homes and business in the Mid Atlantic and Northeastern state.

Hundreds of thousands of people are facing more cold hours and dark days without power. Tens of thousands of people are now searching for homes in New York City, New Jersey, and the surrounding area.

Here in Orlando, Floridians are no strangers to the terror and destructive power of hurricanes. The staff of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery sends heartfelt empathy to the survivors of the devastation.

At the same time we are proud of the indomitable “good neighbor” spirit shown by the courageous stories of rescue, recovery, and reconstruction. As donations of food, water and supplies satisfy immediate requirements, the most needed item will soon be cash.

We are heartened to see the charity happening at many sites. Perhaps we have readers who still want to help, so click here if you want help Sandy’s victims directly.  This site is also a popular and reliable source for your gift of charity.  We know many of our readers and friends have connections in New York City, so click here if you specifically want to help New York City.

Research Update:  Scientists Find More than Beauty In Botox
Turning our attention to recent news in our own expertise, we were pleased to see some impressive results in a new BOTOX study. We recently revealed that BOTOX isn’t just for beauty any more. In a previous blog we reported its many new uses, and you to go back to that information.

The latest tests revealed that the injections caused significant relief for patients who suffer from chronic bilateral posterior neck and shoulder myofascial pain syndrome. This type of intense pain is extremely difficult to treat, and an alternative treatment for relief and quality of life improvement has been sought by researchers for years.

The tests were conducted by Andrea L. Nicol, M.D., M.S., Director of Research — UCLA Pain Management Center, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Anesthesiology — Division of Pain Management, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Nicol explained that “BOTOX is in a class of medications called neurotoxins and when injected into muscles, blocks the nerve signals that cause the tightening of muscle, leading to muscle relaxation.”
This is why the BOTOX injections might be a preferred treatment over the current therapies. We invite you to read more by clicking here, or wait until next week when Orlando Cosmetic Surgery will bring you the continuing story. Our Part II of  “Botox The Pain Preventer,” will bring you fascinating details of this life-changing new use for an “old” drug. It’s not just about the wrinkles anymore!


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