Now that we have spent the long week-end in summer’s last happy holiday, we are all celebrating “National Back To Work Week,” according to at least one big name advertising company. First of all, we hope you were refreshed by the long week-end. Secondly, we hope you anticipate the joys of Fall, like the beginning of the new school semester, and the opening kick-off of your favorite foot-ball team.

Today we begin Part I of our report on exciting news about a special area of help that cosmetic surgeons are uniquely qualified to bring to patients: Relief from Migraine Headaches. We have previously reported on Botox injections to relieve the pain of patients with severe migraines.

When neither Botox, nor medications alleviate the suffering of select patients, doctors are turning to cosmetic surgery for the answers. More and more often, a primary care doctor, neurologist, and headache specialists are referring such cases to a plastic surgeons because of their expertise with delicate tissue handling and underlying nerves and muscles in the face, head and neck.

Background About Migraine Suffering

Fact 1: Over 29.5 million Americans endure migraine head-aches.

Fact 2: There are three times more women than men who suffer with this disease.

Fact 3: This condition makes an insidious claim on the lives of patients. They miss work, school, and family time.

Fact 4: Some patients have intolerable side effects from the typical medications. Some patients simply get no results from the medicines, and some patients simply can not get to the medicine fast enough for it to stop the pain.

Fact 5: Into this picture, enters the cosmetic surgeon, with the ability to alleviate headache pain on a permanent basis. “Now with the identification and treatment of focal peripheral nerve compression sites in the head and neck, plastic surgeons can alleviate headache pain once and for all.”

The Recent Surgical Improvements

The concept of surgical treatment for migraines is not new. It was approached in the 1960s, and “underwent refinements in large part due to recent innovations by Bahman Guyuron, MD, a plastic surgeon in Cleveland.”

Research shows that cosmetic surgeons who work on the peripheral nerve have accomplished remarkable 5-year results in terms of severity, frequency, and duration of headache pain.

To read about his significant study, we suggest you look at the conditions and statistics noted at this reputable source. We think you will be impressed with his success. In Part II of our Migraine Surgery Report, we will give you some details of the specific steps concerning this elegant surgical procedure.


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