Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his staff welcome you to the new year. It is a promising time of reinvigoration and renewal. For 2013 Dr. Cicilioni, his associates, and his entire staff re-affirm their dedication to guaranteeing three golden keys to each patient at the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Clinic:

Golden Key 1:   Your Privacy: Be assured that within our walls, your surgery is uniquely confidential. The fact that we have some celebrity clients as well as shy, “everyday” housewives, who have all remained anonymous, proves that your beauty and health are private affairs and we value your trust.

Golden Key 2:  Your Safety: Rest assured that we schedule the very latest and most sophisticated equipment available in the surgical suites of our select, world-class hospitals.

Golden Key 3:  Your Comfort: From your informative consult to your gentle follow up care, the friendly office hospitality and efficient medical staff at the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will make you feel secure and, we believe, uniquely beautiful as you create your New Look.

These keys are not the kind you can hold in your hand, but rather in your heart, and they come free with our services. These three keys are valuable for any patient, any surgery, but we think they are especially treasured by our Breast Augmentation clients. Dr Cicilioni states, “One of the most rewarding features of my practice is performing Breast Augmentation. The female breast is often considered by society to be one of the central aspects of a woman’s femininity.”

Most patients who come to the doctor for breast augmentation have long considered attaining this aspect of feminine beauty and allure. Patients from all over the globe have come to the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery for a number of reasons.

Let’s take a peek at a “virtual waiting room,” of ladies with the same reasons you might have for breast augmentation. That way you won’t feel alone in your wishes. We stress the ladies below do not really exist. They have been created and summarized to symbolize general types of patients, all personified with fictitious names:

Miss A: She wants the gentle slope and delicate curve that will give her the fuller appearance denied by her genetics. Surveys show that this is the number one reason most patients seek consultation for breast augmentation, so do not feel alone if it is your reason.

Board certified in both Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as General Surgery, Dr. Cicilioni is well recognized for his sculpting ability, gentle surgical approach, and the natural appearance of his work.

Mrs.B: After having her child, she noticed breast atrophy and ptosis (droop). Of course she wanted restoration to the same firm full-figured appearance she had two years previous to her delivery.

Mrs.C: Her reason for enlargement was the same as above, but her droop was much more pronounced due to the effects of age. For her, the doctor recommended a mastopexy, done at the same time as the augmentation. This means “breast lift,” and it will maximize the effect of Mrs. C’s implants.

Mrs. D: She came to Dr. Cicilioni for breast reconstruction after having her left breast removed by a mastectomy. She, and many others like her, leave the clinic with a beautifully matched set, and sometimes they are even better than the original “equipment” given to them by Mother Nature.

In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Cicilioni brings genuine human concern to his consultations. He makes certain that you obtain a complete understanding of the surgery.

During your consultation, he gives you guidance in the decision-making process involved in shape and size of the new breast as well as the types of incisions and anesthesia you require.

He said, “I give my patients a thorough explanation of what surgery involves. Each patient is different, and I help guide each individual patient personally though the decision process to help her decide what is right for her, in order to achieve a long-lasting and natural appearing result.”

Likewise, Dr. Cicillioi will follow up your healing progress after the surgery. As you heal, you will enjoy watching your S.A.S.S. improve. That stands for size and shape, appearance, softness, and scar-fading, all of which will be closely observed by Dr. Cicilioni to make certain “they have achieved the best possible results.”
So, in this new year, once you are committed to your New Breasts, relax and recieve your golden keys to surgical success: Privacy, Safety and Comfort at Orlando Cosmetic Clinic.  They come free of charge with our services.

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