At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC your safety is a top priority.   Since obesity is a top issue today in America, this is one of the considerations among others that we discuss as we prepare you for your breast surgery.  There are many great weight loss solutions out there and available for patients looking for breast surgery. Keeping a healthy weight affects all areas of your life. Even a 10% loss in weight will bring about better health and help you to attain the best results from your procedure.  As the article below mentions, a patient with a healthy weight may have less complications post surgery than other patients who are obese.  Ask your primary care physician for weight loss options if you are concerned with obesity.

Before the surgery is considered we will go over all risks associated with your preferred surgical procedure and offer education and information to make sure you are well informed prior to making the final decision to move foward.  At your consultation, Dr. Cicilioni will provide you with all facts regarding the surgery and  you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you wish relating to the procedure.  We strongly believe that better educated patients will bring a better outcome.

The researchers analyzed insurance claim data on approximately 8,000 women undergoing elective breast surgery between 2002 and 2006. Of the 8,000, 2,400 women (about 30 percent) were obese. For each type of procedure, rates and types of complications were compared for obese versus nonobese women.

The difference was most pronounced for complications involving inflammation: more than 20 times greater than for nonobese women.  Obese women were at higher risk of many other types of complications as well, including infection, pain and fluid collections (seroma or hematoma) after surgery.

Have a safe and happy weekend from our staff at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC.

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