Breasts are essential features of classic beauty and femininity.  Recently the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released the surgical statistics for 2017.  Breast augmentation ranked above all other cosmetic procedures in the US for the second year in a row.

During 2017, 290,467 patients chose surgical breast augmentation.  And, yes, that makes breast augmentation the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure on the planet.  However, before you make such a decision, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his staff, want you to be aware of all of your options.

The Many Facets of Your Decision For Breast Augmentation

Dr. Dr. Cicilioni and our staff will assist you with information to help you make your Breasts Augmentation decision.

Our Model Is Wondering,
Would Bigger Be Better?

There are many facets to assess in the decision to have breast augmentation.  In case you are just beginning to research this topic, we want you to know the surgery is not quite as simple as the slang expression “boob job” implies.

And even after you decide you want breast augmentation, you will be making several more decisions about it.  So let’s begin at the beginning, with a definition.  By definition, a breast augmentation can fulfill several wishes.

1.  The Wish for Size:  The plastic surgeon can increase the size of the breasts.  Generally, this involves the use of implants.  However, today’s techniques also allow for fat transfer, which means the tissue from other areas of a woman’s body can be implanted in the breast.  Known as an analogous fat transfer, this procedure is growing in popularity. (See more information, below.)

2.  The Wish for Volume:  Breast augmentation can also “restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy…”  For some women, breast enhancement means shape as much as size. So, with augmentation, the surgeon can “achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve natural breast size asymmetry.”

Asymmetrical breasts are breasts which are not equal in size.  In fact, some women with asymmetrical breast sizes never find a bra or swimsuit top that fits them.  The two breast sizes might be different enough in proportion to make swimsuits, cocktail dresses and athletic clothing impossible to fit.

3.  The Wish for Confidence: The Self Image Boost

Many patients feel like this surgery improves their self-confidence and boosts their self-esteem.  Thus, your plastic surgeon can endow you with the power of feeling beautiful as you step into the

Your Dreamed of Breasts Augmentation will leave you with new confidence.

Feel The Confidence of a New You After
Your Dream Augmentation…

sunshine of self-confidence.  Be aware of your expectations, because new breasts won’t change everything about your life. However, they can give you a boost of self-confidence to know you look your best.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation– Optimizing Your Own Fat Cells

When fat from another part of the patient’s body is used to create the improved breast volume, through liposuction, the procedure is referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation.

Today’s woman has the choice of implants or fat transfer.  This term leads us to a basic definition.  Fat transfer refers to the procedure in which the surgeon “essentially uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it into your breasts.”  Once extracted, the fat is processed into a proper element for the surgeon to inject into the breasts.

At Altiora Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we recommend this type of breast augmentation to women who desire only a very small increase in the size of their breasts and a very natural contour and softness.

For many years you had to choose saline or silicone implants for a breast augmentation.  “ASPS statistics show that breast augmentation procedures using autologous (i.e. patient-derived) fat grafts increased by 72 percent in 2016.”

At Altiora, we always make certain you note that this type of augmentation limits you to only one or perhaps two cup sizes above your natural size.

The Truth– Augmentation Grants No Help to Sagging Breasts

You must put careful thought into the decisions that lead up to your breast augmentation.  If you already have sagging in your breasts, you could increase the problem by adding volume and size to them.  You see, “a volume increase to the breasts can exacerbate the appearance of sagging.”

To treat sagging of the breasts and loosening of the skin, Dr. Cicilioni will often recommend a breast lift, also called a mastopexy.

The Breast Lift:  A Vision of Your Ideal Bra, Only Supported On the Inside By Your Natural Tissues

Your plastic surgeon will accomplish your new and youthful breast contour five ways during your breast lift.

New Curve Is Trending - The "Under-Area" Of The Breast.

You and Your Surgeon Can Discuss The Size and Shape that ‘s best for you, your Body Shape and Your Skin Texture. 

1. Excess or stretched skin will be removed.

2. Do you dislike the “squarish or flattish appearance of your breasts?  With a breast lift, your surgeon can reshape your breast.  In some cases, if one breast is bigger than the other, your surgeon will correct this.

3. The nipple, as well as the areolae, are gently pulled up to a more pleasing angle.  The nipples of the breasts will point more forward, instead of hanging or drooping down.

4. The surgeon might reduce an areola in size as well as raise the nipple higher.  By raising the nipple & areola into a more forward, upper position, your plastic surgeon will create a more youthful, natural looking, beautiful breast.

5. Likewise, stretched, enlarged areolae is an effect that your breast lift can reverse.  Many patients request smaller areolae and the effect is amazing.

With a breast lift, you would have the sculpted refinement of the upward sweep and swell at the chest.  Plus, you could gain the firm, uplifted swell of the lower breast area dubbed the “under-boob” by models and celebrities of the 21st century.

The Dynamic Duo:   Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

But what if your wish is for a larger size without the sagging?  Do not lose heart.  There is a surgical combo of procedures designed just for you.

“Many patients, especially those who have experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding, would like to both lift and augment their breasts, in which case an augmentation mastopexy or combined breast augmentation and lift can be performed.”

New Pride and Confidence In the Swimming Pool– Or the boardroom. 

Recently The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported.  “Some surgeons avoid combining breast lift and augmentation surgery owing to the added complexity this represents.  But, in the long run, mastopexy augmentation tends to be less stressful and more cost-effective.”

Dr. Cicilioni has made breast surgery his lifework and you will be very comfortable with his years of experience and education in this, his specialty-within-a-specialty.

At Altiora, you will have a unique consultation to help you and the doctor make the central decision between the combo and individual procedures.  This is especially important if you are considering both breast lift and breast augmentation.  The ASPS states, “Combining breast lift and breast augmentation into one single procedure is easier for the patient and more likely to result in a successful outcome.”

You will have many more decisions to face as you begin your journey to breast augmentation.  We will continue our coverage of all the decisions that lead up to the surgery in this trending topic. We’ll talk about incisions, implants and recovery, as well as expectations and goals–and why bigger is not always better, but it depends on your starting point, doesn’t it?

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