In the first place, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his staff wish you a Happy Memorial Day from Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.  We hope hope your Memorial Day observance will not miss the true meaning of the holiday.

Memorial Day Salute for our Fallen Soldiers! 

Memorial Day Message

For us Memorial Day means more than a tradition of picnics, outings and parties.  This Great American Holiday marks a time to honor, celebrate and remember those military men and women who sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedom.

The doctors and staff at Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa believe that we live in the “Land of the Free” because it is the “Home of the Brave.  ”The custom of Memorial Day brings us is a little time to reflect on the honor, the valor and the sense of duty exhibited by our Fallen heroes.   Remembering, respecting and honoring the lives of our soldiers reminds us that “Freedom is Never Really Free.”

A Heartfelt Memorial Day

In the second place, perhaps in the midst of all the excitement over parties and picnics we tend to forget the true reason for Memorial Day. Therefore, we vow that this year, not only do we make the observance for a day, we make this entire week a Memorial Week.  In this way, we see Memorial Day as a Gateway to participate in Patriotic Appreciation Month for the entire Month of May. Do you know about Military Appreciation Month?

May 1st kicks off the Month of Military Appreciation with “Loyalty Day.”  Check out all the special ways to show appreciation to our military at the Military Appreciation Month online resource.

Memorial Day:  Official Opening of summer and Sun

Memorial Day Officially Opens Summer

At Memorial Day and Beyond–Beware of the Summer Sun

With Memorial Day celebrations, the 2017 summer season officially begins.  Memorial Day makes many of us at the plastic surgery clinic aware that we have entered the beginning of a very dangerous season for your skin.

1.      Now, in the season of bathing suit shopping, it is time to check your skin for melanoma.

2.     It’s also time to evaluate and pre-treat your skin for the new season.  We suggest you make an appointment for a professional session of Oxylight to get your skin in top shape to fight the onslaught of summer sunrays.  Read all about the power of Oxylight in our previous Altiora Blog.

3.     Not surprisingly, we are advising you to buy a new tube or bottle of your Sunscreen, at least SPF30.  That old bottle in the bottom of the bottom of your beach bag has probably lost its mojo.  Speaking of sunscreen, Altiora Staff is already seeing it abused and misused at Florida beaches and pools.

Thus Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa now reveals to you a few tiny tips

For Your Memorial Day Activities:  Secrets of Sunscreen

Memorial Day Outings begin the Summer Skin Danger Period.

Memorial Day brings the summer sun.

A.    A Case of too little too late:  Sunscreen needs 30 minutes to activate on your skin.  Apply it in your bedroom or dressing room as you prepare to go out to your outdoor activity.

Do not wait until you get the pool.  Give it time to develop a shield for your skin.  Jeannette Graf, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York stated, “You actually want to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure.”  Altiora skin experts warn:  Avoid the, “too late” syndrome!”

B.  Wear Your Birthday Suit:  Many people think they should apply their sunscreen up to the edges of their clothes after dressing.  No!  Apply it while you are in the nude.  Then get dressed.

C.  Kill Two Birds With One Stone:  You must be mindful of melanoma and you must protect small places where sun rays can penetrate your skin. Instead of letting your mind wander while you apply sunscreen, check for moles as you protect your skin from sun:  The back of your neck, inside upper arms, your toes, feet, under-arm areas.

D. Body vs Face:  Sunscreen for your body and your face are not the same formula!  Skin of your face is much more sensitive than the skin of your body.  Be good to those facial skin area.  With appropriately formulated sunscreen, protect you hairline, eyelids and even—don’t forget—the skin of your ears.  Likewise, your lips need appropriate protection and we recommend a high SPF lip balm.

4.  Set your phone alarm.  You will need to re-apply after one half to a full hour.  Altiora cautions you:  If you sweat or get wet, you need to reapply.  Some sunscreen admits it’s only good for a half an hour; others say they are active for an hour.  So we do not advise you to take a two hour nap in the sun.  Your phone or your friend needs to awaken you for reapplication of the sunscreen at least every 45 minutes.

More Tips To Save Skin During Memorial Day Outings and All Summer Long

5. Check that weather report!  An Overcast sky does not mitigate the danger of UV rays.  Trust us when we tell you that wicked sun rays can penetrate the clouds and your skin.  Likewise the same type of sun rays that cause premature aging can still damage your skin, right through the tinted glass of your car window.  Our tiny tip number includes wearing your sunscreen in the car.

6.  Don’t catch the “too little” syndrome! Convenient spray sunscreen products are becoming much more popular.  The temptation is to use too small an amount or spray too far away from the skin.  And we advise you to wear two coats if you must use spray instead of lotion. Slather that lotion on your skin; do not just dab in on your skin.

A Special Memorial Day Activity Message

We don’t want to scare you, but according to the American Cancer Society, this year “about 9,710 people will die of sunscreen tips above.

Memorial Day at the Tomb

Memorial Day at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery.

We also hope you take the time for placing a Memorial Day flower on a soldier’s grave.  Remember, if you cannot do that today, then you can make it part of the Appreciate Your Military Campaign any day in May.  If you cannot observe this military honors month, then at least hold a few moments of thought on our fallen military heroes and their sacrifice, within the silent applause of your heart.

For Memorial Day, Honor… Celebrate… Remember…. Those who died to make our country free.

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