Modern women and men have discovered new ways to keep the appearance and vitality of youth in their look. Hollywood is full of body conscious, face conscious and age conscious women, who keep time at bay with many types of cosmetic surgery, but they have often neglected one tell-tale feature: their hands.

In story, song and art, hands contribute to the delicacy and beauty of a woman, and the strength and masculinity of a man.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery knows you might not feel your hands are quite zombie caliber, but if their aged appearance distracts from your self-confidence, then cosmetic surgery can help you with a number of non-invasive procedures.

In recent years, we have become aware that we must take care, not only of our faces and bodies, but we must also realize that our hands can betray our age. In order to match a youthful face with lovely hands, many people are discovering the hand-lift.

Helping Hands Look Younger

Chances are that your old-looking hands have: brown spots, thinning skin, wrinkles, perhaps protruding tendons, and large veins. Dr. Peter Geldner, stated, “I recently had a very happy facelift patient who looked 15 years younger, but suddenly the skin on her hands didn’t match her rejuvenated face. There a few simple procedures that can make your hands match your new youthful appearance.”

Experts say, “Hands get the most sun exposure, least protection, and perform the harshest tasks. Now that facial procedures are almost commonplace, women are looking for solutions for aging hands.”


1. Zap Those Annoying Brown Spots: A simple solution could be a daily application of hydroquinone cream.

2. Erase those fine wrinkles and pigmentation shadows with a chemical peel.

3. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or photo-rejuvenation can actually even skin color and tone.

4. Pamper skin with a good hand cream of glycollic acid, vitamin C, E and Beta carotene.

5. Big Blue Veins: Experts tell us “As the skin thins, veins in the hands can become very visible and unsightly.” Sclerotherapy involves injections that can be used in the hands as well as other places in the body, to make the veins clot, die and disappear.

Structural fat grafting can give skeletal, bony or “zombie looking hands,” like Sarah Jessica Parker called hers, a new lease on life with a softer look.

With this technique, your own fat cells are removed from one part of your body, processed, and injected into the back of the hand. Dr. Geldner says this will “cover prominent veins and tendons, and disguise enlarged joints on the hands. It restores the soft tissue that is lost with age or disease, and helps fill out grooves between the bones of the hand, as well as help improve the color and texture of the skin.”

Likewise dermal fillers, like those used in the face, can be used for sculpting soft contour into the backs of your hands.

If you think about it, your hands are part of your character; they have as many expressions as your face. Do they reflect the youth and vitality you feel?

As age, work, and sunlight take their toll, you might need a little more than a manicure.

As always, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery recommends that you consult with an experienced and Board Certified cosmetic surgeon before you commit to any of these cosmetic surgery procedures on your hands. Whereas they are not highly invasive, they are not meant for beauty parlors or back-street faux “clinics.”



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