Lips that are plump, lush and moist add to a woman’s beauty at any age.  Yet lips are very vulnerable to chapping and cracking during our Sarasota hot summer days.  Lips have very delicate skin, and the skin of your lips is unlike any other part of your face or body.

Altiora knows that your lips fight the harmful rays of the Sarasota summer sun, even on overcast days.  Likewise lips long for defense against our salt-sea air and ocean water on the coast.

The Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa Lovely Lip Alert

Lips are your summer identity.  The trend is classic wide brims of sunhats and the large lenses of sunglasses.  Result?  The lips, mouth, and smile carry your personality on the summer sidewalks,  parks and beaches of all the cities of the USA.

You need the protection of balm with sunscreen, not just red color.

This week, here in Sarasota, we focus on lips and their the care and enhancement.  Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa alerts you that lips need special care in the summer.  To keep lips lovely, we must mindfully work to counteract the drying effects of age.  Treat outdoor sun-rays and indoor air conditioning with a simple beauty regime of three steps.

Our Lip Beauty Guide in 3 Sarasota Steps:

Step Number One:  Be Gentle with Exfoliation.

Lip exfoliating products abound at your nearest cosmetics counter.  But beware!  Lip exfoliators contain alpha or beta hydroxy acids.  And they can irritate delicate the tissues of your lips. This is especially true if they are sensitive.

Our favorite lip exfoliator is a soft, clean washcloth or the softest of toothbrushes.  You don’t need harsh chemicals.  Now, if you must use an exfoliator, put a very sparing amount on your lips.  Otherwise, it can do more harm than good, especially in warm weather.

Step Number Two:  Sarasota Summer:  Crave Lavish Moisture.

Moisturize, and Lavishly!  You will love your lips if you keep them moisturized inside and out.

A.         Balm or Cream for the outside of your lips blocks chafing and chapping.

B.          Inside the lips and mouth, moisturizer is very simple: water.  Even on cloudy days, remember to drink lots of water for the inside of those plump, velvety lips.

We deprive our lips of healthy hydration when the weather changes.  You see, everyone remembers to drink their water when it’s sunny.  But when Sarasota breezes blow cooler or clouds bring rain, we tend to deprive ourselves of healthy hydration.

Three:  Lip Protection With a Sunscreen-rich Balm

The lip solution to Sarasota sun damage and dryness is a sunscreen-rich balm to protect them. Consider the number of times you enhance your lip gloss or lipstick during a day. Now, consider how often you apply the sunscreen enriched balm.  For now, in Sarasota, we recommend that you re-apply your lip balm after every two hours.

Lip Enhancement:  Is More Fullness and Contour Right for You?

Proportion and Sculpted Finesse are the 2018 Keys to Lip Enhancement.

At Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa, we specialize in bringing your lip-line more plumpness, refinement, and contour with a minimum of downtime.

In fact, if you have a lunch hour, you can probably recover from simple injections that will plump your lips. However, beware of where and how you take the injections.

Beware of the pop-ups, secret parties, and salon specials.  The elegant lip injection to bring the shape and contour must be accomplished by a trained technician.

The Trends of 2018 Lip Enhancement Style

More and more of our patients are discovering that there is an art and science to natural-looking and delicate enhancement of your lips.  It is not just a matter of stabbing injections of lip filler all over the delicate skin of the lips, as some pop-up clinics might lead you to believe.

1.    Plus, the trend of bigger is better in lip enhancement has begun to fade.  This is evidenced by celebrities like Kylie Jenner.  She recently removed her fillers in favor of a softer, smaller pouty pair of lips that better fit the features of her face.

2.    At Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa, we are not the only ones that have noticed the trend.  “Synthetic lip fillers have been generally well tolerated in numerous patients when applied by a skilled and highly trained injector who also understands injecting danger zones and differences in facial anatomy.”   We comprehend the rules of anatomy and the classic traditions of art and beauty, so your face will be balanced, not overwhelmed.

3.    There is another trend that reports “Sanitation, sterilization and other best practices for injectable treatments are becoming more important than ever to consumers, insurance companies, medical boards and injecting clinicians.”  Here at Altiora, we are glad of these developments.  And we remind you we are the Sarasota Sanctuary of client safety, comfort, and confidentiality.  Dr. Orlando Cicilioni believes in in-service training and education.  This means that your staff, as well as your surgeon, is on-point with the latest developments in fillers and injectable cosmetic procedures.  This especially applies to lovely contouring and plush shaping for your lips.

Special Feature and Alert:  The Fine Art of Lip Fillers

Consider the New Natural Trends in Lip Enhancement. Artistic shape and contour is just as important as size. 

Altiora will enhance your lips so that the new definition and pout blend into the rest of your features.  Our injections of fillers will actually restore an appearance of youthful vitality to your lips.

One of our client’s favorite lip options is the choice of having your own fat cells removed, processed and re-injected.  This contours and shapes your lips.  And it gives them a little more pout.  Stephen S. Park, MD, from the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery stated the benefits of this option.  Thus we see, “The result is a refined, contoured mouth that blends into the patient’s natural features and doesn’t make them look like a cartoon character,”

We implore you to remember, that pop-up clinics and bargain spas often are not “well-monitored or run by seasoned medical professionals…Furthermore, we want you to know that as simple as lip injections might seem, pop-up or bargain clinics and spas sometimes have “inadequate screening and sterilization problems.   And this has led to complications from injections.”  That is why we urge you to trust lips to a clinic with a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the helm.

A Special Sarasota Sunshine Alert:

Pack extra Sunscreen and lip balm if you take the kids to Selby’s Splashin’ Saturdays during July.  Keep their lips protected as well as your own while you “have fun with water activities, water slides, and games…” The program promises you “cool shade around the lagoon and waterfall of the Children’s Rain Forest Garden.”  But remember, even in shade, the UV rays can penetrate leafy overhangs and cause dry, chapped lips.

Likewise, if your family includes some ambitious runners, pack their bags with sunscreen and lip balm because the Kids Summer Beach Runs soon arrive.  July 24 – 25, 2018:  The Kids Summer Beach Runs.  These runs “are 1-mile beach runs held every Tuesday (through Aug. 7) at Siesta Beach on Siesta Key near the pavilion, and every Wednesday (through Aug. 8) at

Are These Lips Enhanced or not? Only Her Plastic Surgeon Knows for Sure.

Brohard Beach (1600 Harbor Drive) next to the Venice Fishing Pier, near Fins at Sharky’s, Venice.

They hold runs for kids from ages 1 – 17.   Altiora applauds them for awarding free ice pops at the end of the runs.  Just be sure you and the children re-apply your lip-balm after you enjoy those cold treats.

Thank you for reading our lip blog this week and we hope our top tips keep your lips soft and kissable for years to come.  And we have more information coming your way in our next lip blog, part 2 of our “Lips Say it All” topic.

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