A smooth brow can bring renewed confidence. A woman’s life is full of feelings, and her face is full of expressions that reflect those feelings.

Brows are like punctuation of the face, accentuating emotions. Literature speaks of them in such phrases as:

“She knitted her brows together with concentration.”

“She arched her brows in surprise.”

“Her brows narrowed as she registered her anger.”

“Unknit thine unkind brow.”

In our previous blog article, we discussed blepharoplasty, a tightening of the upper and lower eye bags.

One of the surgical procedures that might be chosen as a good companion surgery, to be done at the same time as the blepharoplasty, is the “brow lift,” which is also called the “forehead lift” or the “eyebrow lift.”

Most women over thirty have regarded their faces in the mirror and pushed up the skin at the temples, viewing an impression of a smoother, more youthful forehead. The results of a brow lift go far beyond what women can imagine with this mirror technique.


A Short Primer of Brow Problems


Your cosmetic surgeon might recommend a brow lift if:

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, restore the beauty of your youthful brow.

A. Your sagging brows that are hooding your upper eyelids extensively, to the point where even blepharoplasty is not enough correction for optimum results.

B. You have vertical lines on the bridge of the nose and between the eyes, contributing to a worried or sad expression.

C. Your horizontal, wrinkly lines across the bridge of the nose and between the eyes give you a permanently anxious or angry appearance.

D. Your sagging eyebrows prevent you from having an alert and youthful facial position.

Both Botox and fillers might also be prescribed, in addition to augment this procedure as well as blepharoplasty.


Is A Brow Lift Right For You?


Your brow can make you appear serious and angry when you are not in either of those moods. Time and gravity plus age and environment can cause skin to relax and drop the eyebrows down to the point where a woman might look tired all the time.

A brow lift, with or without a blepharoplasty, might  be right for you if you are experiencing any of these problems.  You can find diagrams and descriptions of the incisions and the common surgical techniques involved in the surgery at this reliable online resource.

Although a patient can typically return to normal activities within about 10 days, the healing and refinement of your appearance will become more evident over subsequent months.

Bring Spring and youth to your face with Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

Remember:  When you come to Orlando Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation regarding such procedures, we believe you will sense our high regard for your comfort and confidence. We want you to feel relaxed, and totally free to discuss any of your concerns or apprehensions with Dr. Orlando Cicilioni.

We discovered once we started thinking about them, that there were countless literary references to brows and eyebrows. They might not ever be eloquently praised like eyes and lips, but they have a great deal of authority over facial expression.

It was the actor, Jack Black who recently stated, “Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow.”

Author John Kenneth Galbraith wrote:

“If wrinkles must be written upon our brows,

let them not be written upon the heart.

The spirit should never grow old.”   (We agree.)

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we are certain the brow lift often can define a more youthful, rejuvenated look for you. You can enjoy a more confident, refined image of your unique style and beauty. What a beautiful beginning for spring!



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