This summer has seen a fashion trend for slinky strapless dresses and soft off-the-shoulder blouses. The most active work-out machines in the gym are for biceps and triceps. Add these facts together, and there is no doubt about it; bare arms are the fashion statement of the season.This must be why surgical arm lifts have grown in popularity by over 4,000 per cent since the year 2000.
Would You Believe?
15,457 arm lifts were performed last year, but only 338 were done in the year 2000. Recently, well shaped and toned arms were popularised by First Lady Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston.
Surgeons use both liposuction and brachioplasty to remove fat or sagging skin from the upper arms. Sometimes liposuction is enough to bring shape to a woman’s arm. Other times, as in the case of weight loss, brachioplasty must be performed because of the patient’s excessive skin.
Brachioplasty requires a scar that extends down the back of the upper arms, but many patients believe it is a small price to pay for the lovely shape of their rejuvenated arms.
Mini-case study. We have seen many people transform their health, well being and self confidence with diet and exercise.
A Mini-Case Study
Ms. A did all of this and yet she deplored the ugly “bat wings” of sagging skin that clung stubbornly to her upper arms. it seemed to defeat all her diet and exercise efforts.
In the old days Ms. A might have avoided the surgery because of the scarring. She discovered that today we have many new tools and technologies to combat the look of the scars:
1. We have elegant barbed suture technology.
2. Scars can be reduced with fractional laser treatments.
3. The long brachioplasty scars can be minimized with silicone-gel sheeting and other scar treatment techniques. Knowing these technical improvements greatly encouraged Ms.A. She discovered brachioplasty was the perfect choice to restore her confidence in her new physique.
Unlike Ms. A, many patients have full, fatty, arms, but they are not candidates for brachioplasty. They can now have options that are not as extreme as surgery, but very effective.
Fat can be extracted from the arms with improved liposuction techniques such as:
1. traditional hand-held, liposuction, or
2. power-assisted, ultrasound-assisted, laser-assisted lipo.
3. Some patients even resort to the wonderful new nonsurgical techniques on the cutting edge of new technologies. These are called “fat freezing” or “thermal melting”.
All of the above reduce fat and all give some results for tightening of the skin.
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The authorities on today’s most recent techniques say,”It’s no secret that the “Holy Grail” of plastic surgery has been to find ways to tighten skin without cutting it off and today’s energy-based devices are getting better by the minute. So by combining new methods of fat removal and skin tightening technologies, we can offer more patients, better results with less down time and minimal to no scarring.”

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