Labor Day 2020 has fast descended upon us.  We know that picnics, barbecues, and outdoor trips are the heart-beat of this All American Holiday. Fall is practically official.  Even though it is still warm in Florida, you can sense autumn breezes on the way if you take a deep breath by the beach in an early Sarasota evening.  Dr. Cicilioni and his staff wish you a happy 3-Day Labor Day Weekend.

Labor Day 2020:  Unique Warnings

Labor Day 2020: A Day to Honor the American Worker.

Labor Day 2020 Brings Unique Alerts and Happy Greetings.

Because we of Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa are healthcare professionals, we would feel remiss if we did not alert you to COVID-19 warnings and rules for this holiday.  As we close the summer season, we must work hard to maintain our rules against spreading the COVID-19 virus. Please enjoy your picnicking, fishing, swimming boating, and other outdoor activities. However, we ask you to please be aware of the rules that keep you and your loved ones safe.

Of course, you love seeing friends and family during summer’s last party fling week-end. But we must ask you to continue wearing your mask and maintain social distancing.  Protect the vulnerable and maintain meticulous hand washing, no matter where you are traveling. Backyard, across town, or across the state, officials alert us that COVID-19 is still a grave danger.

Labor Day 2020 Special COVID-19 Alert from Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Friday that the nation’s number of coronavirus cases remained “unacceptably high.” So Altiora says, have fun, but follow, a “few best practices to prevent a surge after this Labor Day weekend.”  Dr. Fauci added, “We know from prior experience that when you get into holiday weekends, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, there’s a tendency of people to be careless somewhat with regard to the public health measures…” during holiday outings.

So even as you plan your Labor Day outings, remember Dr. Fauci’s statement. “We’re right around 40,000 new cases [a day]. That’s an unacceptably high baseline…” Fauci told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday. “We’ve got to get it down.  I’d like to see it at 10,000 or less, hopefully, less.”

In Spite of Labor Day 2020Warnings of Surges, We See Hope on the Horizons of Research

Normally, we stick with topics directly related to plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery,  and Medspa news. However, we feel we should mention the positive news we are hearing on COVID-19. We are seeing room for optimism as we continue to face COVID-19.

Labor Day Marks the Official End of Summer. However, Sarasota Still Has Plenty of Sunshine. .. Sarasota Alert.

1.       There is now stronger evidence that steroids are an effective treatment for severe COVID-9. So, we’ll be bringing you more news about this development, no doubt.

2.       Likewise, we are looking at available vaccines by the end of the year.  However, Kaiser Health reports that the nation might not be ready to accept a vaccine. But, recent polls from WebMD demonstrate we are prepared and anticipating it.  According to the poll, acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine is gradually growing, with 54.6% of readers saying they would get one in the first year.

That number increased slightly from a previous WebMD poll which found that 42% said they would get the vaccine in the first 12 months.

3.        At Altiora, we also see testing improving. “Saliva tests are perhaps as good as nasal swabs and they might even be better.”  A study from Yale actually proves this in numbers. Therefore, we look forward to more information about this easier form of testing.

Back to Our Usual Labor Day 2020 Concern for You

However, Altiora is not only worried about your health this Labor Day.  We are sending everyone a shout out about safe holiday driving.  Don’t become a statistic on our Florida roads and highways.

Last Holiday of the Summer:  Are You Guilty of Sunscreen Abuse?

Although this holiday officially ends summer, Dr. Orlando Ciclioni and his staff still see it as the most dangerous time in Florida for your skin. We think a quick mini-case study will help show you this is no ordinary sunscreen commentary.

A Mini-Case Study

Alert! Have Fun, But Stay Safe in the Sarasota Sun Labor Day Sun.

Golden-haired, fair-skinned Haley was astonished that a beauty mark mole on her on the inside of her upper arm was diagnosed as melanoma. (The most dreaded form of skin cancer.)  She trembled with fear and outrage. “But I used sunscreen,” she said tearfully. ” Sadly, the truth is she did not use her sunscreen; she abused her sunscreen.  And we are concerned you might be doing the same thing this weekend at your Labor Day picnic.

Avoid her mistakes, and be aware of the 5 Ways Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa staff are seeing people abuse their sunscreen.

1.       Do not Forget The 30 Minute Rule:

Sunscreen takes 30 minutes to activate properly once it is applied to your skin. Don’t wait until “too late.” When you put on your swimsuit or cute summer clothes, put on your sunscreen indoors, out of the sun. Please do not wait until you have put your towel down on the beach!  Dr. Jeannette Graf, MD is the assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. She stated, “You actually want to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure.”

2.  Wear Your Birthday Suit During Application!

Many people are unaware that sunscreen does not work effectively if it is not applied nude. You are not protected if you just slap it up the hems of your clothing, even if that clothing is a minuscule bathing suit.

3.  Stay Alert When You Apply It!

Melanoma can appear in some strange places on your skin. The beams of the summer sun can probe into tiny spots you do not protect.  Orlando Cosmetic Surgery MedSpa reminds you:  Smoothly cover your toes, side, bottom, back, and top. So, lather the sunscreen onto your underarm area as well as inside each upper arm and do not forget the back of your neck. You are not doing this for a glorious tan. You are doing it to avoid the inglorious fate of skin cancer.

By the way, sunscreen for your body is really different than the formula for your face. Apply facial sunscreen all the way up to your hairline, around your ears, and on your eyelids. Plus, lips demand their own high SPF lip balm.

4. Set a Sun Alarm

Many true confessions from sunscreen companies claim only 30 minutes of active protection. Some sunscreen is effective for an hour. Reapply it if you are slick with sweat or soaked in water.  Note that if you wipe down your sweat, you lose your sunscreen.  Here is a great idea:  Have a Designated Driver for your sunscreen bottle wake you for reapplication after no more than 45 minutes.

5.  Clouds and Window Tint Are Not Sunscreen.

If you cruise around under a cloudy sky, the sun can still hurt you.  Window tint is very limited in its protection. Yes, you should wear sunscreen in the car.  You see, if melanoma or sun damage doesn’t attack you, premature aging will so make your sunny holiday safe!

6.  As We Have Posted Many Times

Labor Day 2020 Sunscreen... Lather it on for the Best Protection.

Protect Your Sarasota Skin With Our Sun Screen and Labor Day Tips.

You only have One Skin—be generous to it!  Don’t give skin cells too little too late. If you must use a spray, coat yourself with it twice, and spray no more than six inches from your skin. Spray in each spot until you actually see it on your skin.

7. Beware the Old Bad Bottle or Tube

You might as well know that the life of the active ingredients in sunscreen is only a year, so slather it on thickly!

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery wishes you a Happy, Skin-Safe, COVID-19 safe, Labor Day Weekend!