In the hustle and bustle of the holiday, it can be difficult to maintain your skin care routine, much less think about what you are feeding your skin.

Happy Skin from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery!

However, we thought that for this, our official Christmas blog, we would let you know what foods and nutrients your skin craves.

Surprisingly, these foods are not rare, and we though if we reminded you about them, you might include them in your holiday menus, or even find them in that holiday buffet at Christmas or New Years Celebrations.

1. Amazing Avocado

Undoubtedly you have noticed how many skin care products are touting avocado oil.  Well, it turns out that eating the avocado is just as wonderful for your skin as blending it onto your skin.

Let’s look at some reasons your skin loves avocado:  This rich fruit is full of anti-inflammatory B3 vitamins, fatty acids, and vitamin E.  They also contain B-complex vitamins, glutathione, and beta-carotene.  Avocados are also packed with healthy fats, which “help keep your skin moisturized and protect it against fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Heavenly Whole Grains

How could it be any easier?  Whole grains are popular so they are easy to find.  Your skin loves the zinc in whole grains and that just might help with acne.

3. Fabulous Fresh Grapefruit:

Merry Christmas from Orlando Cosmetic Surgery.

Either eating the fresh grapefruit or drinking its refreshing 100% Grapefruit Juice brings you vitamin C.  And, we all know this vitamin is especially good for your skin.

Vitamin C actually helps support collagen, which makes you glow, not to mention look younger.  This is simply because we know collagen breakdown plays a role in the making of lines and wrinkles.

4. Lush Leafy Greens

Look for the dark green leaves, such as spinach and kale.  They are packed with hyaluronic acid and this amazing substance helps your skin stay moist.

5. Awesome Almonds

Go ahead; put these tasty nuts in that kale salad!  Enjoy them in your morning cereal.   Each almond you eat brings you a hearty helping of vitamin E and we know vitamin E is good for preventing the signs of premature aging.   Likewise, it is good for dry skin.

6. Wonderful Water–Holiday Hydration!

Moisturize on the outside and on the inside.  It is so easy to forget to drink water, when the holidays offer such a variety of delicious drinks.

So, if you are shopping or running holiday errands, take your water bottle with you.

If you are in a cocktail party, alternate water with other drinks and stay hydrated.

Find more ways to feed your skin well at this convenient online resource.

We think it is ironic that a traditional stocking stuffer gift–a simple orange–is highly recommended for your beautiful skin!

A Christmas Greeting From Orlando Cosmetic Surgery



There can be no better time to thank you for your friendship or

to welcome you to our family of clients and friends.

We wish for you, a joyous song of Christmas Cheer!

May laughter and friendship be yours all through the year.

May the Miracle of the Holiday Spirit fill your heart with warmth and love.


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