There was a time when you could look across the room at a ladies’ luncheon and spot the women who had ‘had work done.’ They had that surprised, skinned back look, or that plastic mannequin expression; they were your grandma-ma’s friends or even great grandma’s friends. Perhaps they looked fine, but almost unrecognizable from older photographs of their real, natural selves.

Today’s techniques for facelifts have evolved not only in procedure, but also in mindset. The new perspective is not on creating a mannequin-like perfect face according to the “look” of our time period, but on “putting things back to where they used to be by tightening the deep tissue vertically while plumping up the skin with the patient’s own fat.” (Vogue magazine, August 2013 Issue) This blog reveals a few of the ways that the face of face-lifts have changed in a very short time.  In fact, many changes have transformed the vision of 21st century cosmetic surgery, in less than a generation.

  • No More Tell-Tale Scars:

Today’s best cosmetic doctors care about restoring your image by “rebuilding, shaping and draping” as opposed to the old ways of extreme “cutting, pulling, yanking and sewing.” Today’s cosmetic surgeons pride themselves on show-casing a “New You” that is still you, only better. The key focus is refinement to create fresh, natural, slightly younger versions of you.

Unless you invite friends over to see you in the 2 week bruised period required by some of the more extensive surgeries, you friends might simply believe you have been on a restorative vacation, or a healthy new diet and exercise program. That is how natural and subtle your cosmetic surgery can be; that is how meticulously placed the tiny incisions can be.  41-year-old mother of two, Jenna Roberson told Vogue magazine, “The surgery took away those five or six tough baby-bearing years off my face—all the sleepless nights, the worrying, they’re gone.”

  • The Ultimate Filler:  Patients Can Generate Their Own “Plastic!”

Fat Grafting is key to creating this inimitable look of a face in good condition. This is not a new idea, but the procedure is being refined. Once extracted from a patient, the fat might be spun in a centrifuge or rolled onto a fabric named Telfa. Either way, it is  transformed it into a dense, stem-celled pack of superfat!

What could be more natural or acceptable to your body than your own rich fat?  Mid-lift, this is the substance that many surgeons are using it to shape and support soft tissue. Many doctors feel that the process also stimulates the production of new growth, but there must be more study on the procedure’s regenerative effects. No one denies the beauty of the aesthetic effect. What can be done with this amazing superfat? It can be used to correct hollowness in under the eyes. (the lower eyelid area)

  • It can also help the vertical lines in medial brow, where worry reveals itself in little vertical lines between the eyes.

Used with other delicate procedures, it can remove ten years of wear and tear from your face.

  • A Very Special Cocktail

Sometimes a “Plasma Cell Infusion is added. This is a special mixture of proteins and cells derived from your own blood, like PRP. (Platelet-rich plasma.) Some doctors use it with micro-needles to speed healing.

These procedures are not simply the wave of the far away future. These procedures and the miracles of Botox and Juvederm have given 21st century Orlando Cosmetic Surgery the tools to help you look as good as you feel.


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