Independence Day is almost upon us!  So, Happy Fourth of July!  The Doctors and staff of Altiora Plastic Surgery and Med Spa wish a Happy, Healthy Independence Day to you and your family!

Independence for your own kind of beauty in today's America.

Independence, Freedom, and Beauty: Celebrate! Happy July 4, from Altiora! 

As we begin this blog, we thought you’d appreciate a few amazing quotes about freedom and independence and a special message from your board-certified plastic surgeons:

Independence and Freedom–A Quote For Your Heart: 

Milton Accorda wrote:  “Without Freedom, no one really has a name!”  It’s true.  We know that in a dictatorship, there is no freedom to speak.  There is no freedom to live or look like the individuals we are.  There is only slavery and conformity.

Independence and Freedom–A Quote For Your Soul:

Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote:  “The winds that blow through the wide sky in these mounts, the winds that sweep from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic – have always blown on free men.”   This is a vast and thought-provoking comment for Independence Day, 2017.

From sea to shining sea, Altiora notes that we gather our families and friends to celebrate our life in this country.  There is no doubt that, in 21st Century America, we exercised most individual freedom in the history of the world.  And with that freedom, we know we have responsibilities.

Independence and Safety For Your Health:  Special Information

It seems appropriate to mention that here at Altiora, you will find our board-certified surgeons respect and guard the health of our clients.  It is appropriate to mention that there are several specialized areas in which the average “cosmetic surgeon” does not perform.  However, board- certified plastic surgeons do.

Beautiful girl listening music, standing in front of US national flag

Edward Griffin stated, “Life is hollow without health and freedom.  To seek one without the other is folly.”

So, even as we celebrate our freedom, not just on July 4, but every day, we must be mindful of our health.  This means being health-minded about everything we do for our bodies:  The food we select, the drinks we pick, and the doctors we choose.

At Altiora, our board-certified plastic surgeons are certified to perform procedures for the entire face and body.  Therefore, the Altiora “plastic surgeons also perform all types of reconstructive surgery.”  This involves “the restoration of almost any body part that is abnormal due to a trauma/accident, cancer or birth defects…”

Never before in the history of the human race, has reconstructive surgery been more accessible, available and technically precise as it is today.  Among other cases, we see the freedom brought by reconstructive surgery shining out of the eyes of our patients.  These patients have reclaimed their lives—and breasts—after breast cancer.  It is the independent freedom of self-confidence restored.  We honor them especially in this blog today, in celebration of their courage.

For Your Beauty:  Independence, Self-Confidence and Beauty

Likewise, women of today have the freedom to choose accessible, available and even minimally invasive procedure that allow them to enhance their look with “aesthetic surgery. (sometimes referred to as cosmetic surgery) This involves the aesthetic enhancement of the body or re-shaping normal tissue to improve appearance.”  Today’s woman can choose her look from many options.  She needs no longer to conform to any stereotype of how she should look.  Today’s woman can express her inner self with her choices in aesthetic surgery.

Beautiful Choices for Independent Expression of Beauty:

Independence, beauty and freedom go together.

Independence Day celebrates our joy in freedom.

Frederich Schiller said, “Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.” In our society, full lips, full breasts, and smooth tummies are not only available to the movie’s star.  They can also be attained by the “mom” who lives next door.  Also, surgical enhancements to her beauty are available to the women in every walk of life.  She can be a salesclerk, a nurse, banker or a business colleague.  Whoever she is, she maintains her beauty as part of her independent, personal and professional image.

What is vitally important to us is that all the options are available.  Altiora once again cautions you to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for any aesthetic or reconstructive surgery or procedure you are considering.  We feel compelled to remind you that only a board-certified member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is validated by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Independence, Beauty, Freedom, and Responsibility:   Your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

When you choose an ABPS board-certified surgeon, know that his training includes at least 5 years of surgical training.  Plus, they accrue at least two years of training in all plastic surgery techniques.  Their studies include breast, body, face, and reconstruction.  Likewise, your board-certified plastic surgeon commits to a strict, special code of ethics.  Additionally, board-certified plastic surgeons operate only in accredited medical facilities.  The board-certified plastic surgeon continues medical education requirements with stringent classes.

Independence means health and freedom.

Celebrate your joy of in Independence Day with Freedom and Safety–and your own kind of beauty! 

He or she attends updates, workshops, and studies in the technology, techniques, and innovations. This is critical to board-certification because plastic surgery is a constantly evolving field of medicine.  Read more about the differences between cosmetic surgeons and board-certified plastic surgeons in one of our previous blogs.

Yes, here at Altiora, we hope you celebrate your Independence Day.  Furthermore, we hope you enjoy it with a commitment to your personal expression of beauty and health.  We also hope you also celebrate responsibility to yourself.  If that commitment includes surgical or non-surgical, plastic or aesthetic procedures, please choose a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Orlando Cicilioni.  Choose to celebrate your sense of self, beauty and confident style with health and safety.

Happy Fourth of July! With festivities all week long in Orlando, we know you will have a wonderful time celebrating our nation’s freedom.

Altiora sends you just two other bits of advice for your Independence Day Celebration:  Please, wear Sunscreen. And Please, Drive Safely!

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