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In the summer time you reveal a new feature of your face: the neck. With swimsuits and sleeveless dresses, your neck (good or bad) will be revealed. With good care and perhaps a few procedures, it will not reveal your age.

A swan-like neck has been a beauty standard for generations. Our first question to you is have you been treating your neck well? It’s amazing how many women and men have detailed facial skin rituals, but they ignore the neck. Did you know that your neck craves all the same good maintenance you perform on your facial skin? Cleanse. Mosturize. Protect.

1. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who has the fairest neck of all?

In spite of neck exercises and neck creams, you will probably see some sagging in yoiur neck skin by the time you reach 30 or 40 years old. Such loss is natural because age causes the skin to lose its elasticity. As we said in our most recent blog, there are creams that can help mitigate the loss.

We recommend you use a moisturizer that contains glycolic acid, peptides, antioxidants, retinoids, vitamin A, or vitamin C. Experts at the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive surgery, tell us that these elements “firm the skin by increasing collagen production.” So, when you do your face-care, don’t forget your neck.

2. May The Force Be With You—The Laser Choice

One therapy that you can discuss with your doctor is the use of laser therapy to correct the sagging and sinking of your neck tissue. Sometimes the term “laser” conjures up a rather frightening image of a science fiction sword ablaze with nuclear power. This is far from true. A medical laser is delicate beam of light, an instrument of gentle .

With this instrument, your surgeon can meticulously transfer energy into tissue to treat aging and damage to your skin.

3. Lasers 101

Basically, your surgeon can choose different strengths of lasers.

Nonablative or fractionated lasers: These have lower energy levels than ablative lasers (e.g., CO2 or Erbium). What it does: “The heat of the laser stimulates collagen production in the dermal layer with little damage to the outer epidermis layer. The collagen growth builds the support structure of the skin, and improves skin tone, texture, and fine wrinkles.” Be aware that treatments with these lasers require multiple sessions. On the good side, they also require little or no recovery time.

4. Less Is More

You might have heard of photo-rejuvenation. It works on the same principle as above, but these processes use “Light-based devises, e.g., Intense Pulsed Light.” These are not really lasers, but the instrument use flashes of light “ to stimulate the dermal tissues.”

5. Nice Neurotoxins

Age can cause the skin to sag and slacken along those vertical muscles in the front of the neck. Your doctor might inject those muscles with Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport—all forms of botulinum toxin. This treatment relaxes those big musles and they flatten instead of protruding. This is a temporary fix, however, lasting four to six months. For a long-lasting result, If your case is severe, your facial plastic surgeon may recommend platysmaplasty, which is nothing to fear. It is merely the tightening of those weakened muscles with a special surgical technique.

6. Lovely Liposuction

You might see in the mirror that you do not have excess skin, but you have developed fleshy fat deposits around the neck and and jawline. Diet and exercise do not seem effective against these ugly little pouches. We know you will be pleased to discover neck liposuction. Fat pockets can be reduced, and the skin will “drape smoother.” With neck liposuction, you will discover a refined the jaw line and an improved profile. There is more good news: If you opt for an entire neck lift, then you will find that this type of liposuction is often included in the procedure.

7. Chin Check-up!

As part of your initial consultation, you will notice that your surgeon will check over the balance and proportion of all of your features. If your complaint is your neck, you might be surprised to know that your chin might be the real culprit. Your surgeon will check your your chin and jaw-line, and if your chin is weak, he might recommend a chin implant. If you have a weak chin, you might have extra skin sagging on the neck Logically, your new, larger chin balance your face and smooth out that extra skin.

When none of these measures alone will produce the “look” you are wanting to attain, your surgeon will explain the details of a complete surgical neck-lift. That is the story of next week’s blog, in Part 3 of Your Summer Renewal By Orlando Cosmetic Surgery. !





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