Liposuction of the breasts is one form of breast reduction which can offer the patient a new, more carefree lifestyle.  Excessively large breasts can cause the patient pain and discomfort.  This discomfort can be eliminated with this procedure.  It also offers the patient the ability to wear a more normal size clothing and to participate in more outdoor activities which were not considered before the procedure.  As you become more carefree and pain free, you may also become more active and improve your overall health.

When a tumescent liposuction using microcannulas is used, it allows extremely tiny incisions and keeps scaring to a bare minimum and almost invisible. If the patient has a darker skin pigmentaion, they may expect a bit of hyper-pigmentation at the incision site.   However, this fades quickly and most patients show no signs of scaring within a year or two. The procedure not only provides a significant breast reduction, but also gives the appearance of a natural breast lift. The size of the breast may be reduced by more than 50%.   Because a significant amount of breast tissue is removed through the liposuction method, a lift will result as well due to the reduced weight of the new breast. The breast will take on the appearance of a natural elevation. The shape of the breast should stay the same but will be smaller than before the liposuction.  Other methods of breast reduction are also available and each individual should research all options available.

Local anesthesia is normally used for this procedure. There is minimal postoperative pain and a quick recovery should be occur. The patient may return to normal activities within a couple of weeks. There is virtually no scaring with this procedure.

Something for you… for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, there is no better time than to discover if this procedure is perfect for you.   You are worth it and deserve to live a carefree and healthy lifestyle.

Most patients needing this procedure are very reluctant to participate in outdoor activities which would add so much to their overall health.  Exercising and being able to enjoy jogging and other sports which are not considered with this condition is a great reason to check into the possibility.

Most patients suffering from excessive large female breasts have a long list of complaints when they come for their consultation with the doctor. They complain of physical impairment, inability to enjoy normal day to day activities such as jogging and other sports and suffer additional psychological problems caused by this condition. The posture becomes compromised and the patient has most likely been experiencing chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulder areas. Permanent indentations of the shoulders are usually noticed, caused by the weight of the breasts over time. Candida yeast infections of the skin in areas where the breasts rub together are also common with this condition. Clothing does not fit well and many patients tend to wear very large clothing to hide the condition.

Because each patient is unique, we suggest that anyone looking for this procedure to do the research and come by for a consultation to learn about the different methods which are available for breast reduction. Liposuction of the breast is only one option, there are other choices for reduction.   If you feel you are a candidate for this procedure, we will present you with all choices as you meet with Dr. Cicilioni. Call us today to reserve a consultation date and time to discuss your breast reduction.

We wish all of you a sweet and happy Valentine’s Day … From our staff
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