Have you ever known someone who seemed ageless?

Case Study 1:  Meet Ms. J. Her eyes echo a smile you could mistake for a woman of thirty, but you know she is over forty. Her position in life, self confidence and energy show her to be a woman of maturity, yet you are shocked when realize her current age is actually 47.

Case Study 2:  Meet Mr. C. Recently, he was hired by a successful Fortune 500 company for his innovative ideas and forthright self expression. The crinkles at the corners of his eyes might make you think he is 42, but you are stunned when you learn he is 57. His enthusiasm coupled with his real life experience allowed him to outshine other applicants who were freshly graduated from college.

Experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have been studying the habits of such people, people who seem to conquer time and increase their joy of living even as they increase their years. The researchers were interested in how they slowed the effects of aging and boosted their self-esteem. The scientists found that such people had a few good habits that not only made them look better, but feel better about themselves and the world.

1.  Defeating The Look of Old Skin: Dr. Marian Northington, M.D., Director of UAB Cosmetic Dermatology, studied some of the ways we are all exposed to “photoaging.” She catalogues the little incidental exposures that we take from the rays of the sun:  “running out to the car, going to the mailbox and exercising — add up and result in wrinkles, sun spots and potentially cancerous lesions.”
The more youthful appearing people habitually and simply, applied 30 plus SPF sunscreen that contained zinc oxide, every day.

2.  Improving Collagen and Skin Pigmentation: She also discovered many of her more youthful study subjects were “Using an over-the-counter cream with retinol, which is a vitamin A derivative. It can decrease the risk of skin cancer and improve skin pigmentation and abnormalities, as well as increase collagen content to help with lines and wrinkles.”

3.  Improving Wrinkles and Abnormalities: The third youthful secret was a non-invasive procedure called Fraxel laser resurfacing, which lessened wrinkles in the youthful faces.

4. Replacing Volume: Many of the test subjects enjoyed the benefits of  injections of fillers to lift the face non surgically. Fillers also reduced the lines and hollows that often come with age.
The results of these four methods of delaying the look of time went much deeper than skin-deep. Based on her statistical study, Northington stated, “People who have had fillers reported that they felt they make a better first impression with other people, but they also feel better with themselves and happier with their lives.”

Josh Klapow, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the UAB School of Public Health and a psychologist, agreed, “Outward appearance can have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem, so ‘looking better’ both in one’s own eyes and in the eyes of others can add to self-esteem.” He added that  “Feeling good about what you look like can help you feel better about who you are.”
We know that Mr. C. and Ms. J are fictional case studies, but they represent many of the happy people seen by the staff and doctors of  Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, every day.

At this time, the physicians and staff of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery express their gratitude to patients and their families as well as friends and blog readers.

We offer you heartfelt good wishes for the very best blessings of the Thanksgiving Season.

Blessed Be the table and blessed be the chair…

Blessed be the family sitting there…

Blessed be the talk, and blessed be the laughter…

And blessed be the memories kept thereafter…

-quoted from a Hallmark Greeting Card




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