The New Spy Elite Technology makes mastectomy and immediate reconstruction surgery safer.  This new technology simplifies double mastectomy and the reconstructive surgery

Knowing that others in your family have experienced breast cancer, may lead to difficult questions and decisions. One such question is whether to have prophylactic (preventive) mastectomy  surgery to remove one or both breasts in hopes of preventing or reducing your risk of breast cancer.

Keep in mind that being identified as high risk doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer. All it means is that your likelihood of developing breast cancer is several times higher than that of an average-risk woman. Understanding your individual level of risk can help you weigh your options for risk-reducing strategies.  One of these strategies is to remove the breasts and have them reconstructed to improve your chances when it comes to this dreaded disease.

This past week Dr. Orlando Cicilioni participated in a breast reconstuction surgery based on just these facts.  The video  below features a patient who traveled here from the Dominican Republic to have bilateral nipple sparring mastectomy and one stage reconstruction with breast implants.

The procedure was done at Winter Park Hospital by Dr. Kamy Kemp with Dr. Orlando Cicilioni of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC assisting by performing the breast reconstruction surgery once the breasts were removed.  In use for the procedure was the new Spy Elite technology that makes reconstructive surgery safer.

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