Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings you news about injections of filler for the face. Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his staff utilize every modern cosmetic tool to achieve youthful, natural, aesthetic rejuvenation of your face at any age.

Dr. Cicilioni utilizes an artistic “whole face” approach before choosing from the many cosmetic tools that might bring you pleasing results.

Some doctors might just fill the lines, but a true artist sees many more aspects of the aging face.

The Anatomical Artist:  Your Cosmetic Surgeon

When you come for your consultation, the doctor considers what liquid lifting or filler might help you restore your youthful appearance. He will consider not only your goals for enhancing your appearance, but several issues of your face you might have never considered:

1. Volume loss,

2. Skin atrophy,

3. Reduced elasticity,

4. Your basic anatomy, and the possible loss of soft tissue, muscle, and even bone.

5. Likewise, your expressions cause “changes that occur,’ which “are a result of chronic muscle movement in the face, which cause wrinkling of the overlying skin as time marches on.

Injections:  Doing  More Than Erase Lines

Anthony Benedetto, D.O., F.A.C.P., clinical professor, department of dermatology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and medical director of the Dermatologic SurgiCenter, Philadelphia. Dr. Bendetto, recently stated, “Not only do we have to address the static changes, but we also need to understand the dynamic and interaction of the involved muscles and facial expressions in nonverbal communication to better treat the aging face as a whole,”

A Look at “Age” and Your Face: Through a Doctor’s Eyes

When we reach our thirties, the process of normal aging progresses, and gravity and time cause certain things to  happen to our faces:

1.  Collagen and elastin production lead to more prominent recessed areas in the temple and beneath your cheek bone.

2.  Perhaps you have noticed that your eyes look more sunken, this is due to the “indentation of periorbital areas and temples.”

3.  As you age, the support of the mid- and lower face begins to sag.

4.   Speaking of lines, you probably notice that the nasolabial folds deepen each year, and the dreaded marionette lines extend from the corner of your mouth to the lower jaw-bone.

5.   Jowls begin to form.

6.  Lips become thinner.

7.  The nasal tip begins to droop.

Do not dispair if you see these Seven Signs of Aging, because cosmetic surgery now has powerful liquid tools to help you combat these signs of time, and almost appear to reverse the aging process.

According to Dr. Bendetto, the “The underlying fat compartments in the face are distinctly separated from each other by fibrous connective tissue, and the shifting of the facial fat pads over time also significantly impacts and typically characterizes the aging face.”

We must remember that just as every one does not age at the same rate, every human face does not age evenly. Different areas age at different rates and the changes actually are subtle over the span of years

Fabulous Filler Facts

Fillers as well as judicious use of Botox  can stave off the above lists of the marks of time. Today we have dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), polylactic acid (PLA) and calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), and the doctor can even utilize your own fat to plump up problem areas.

Here at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we agree that not only filling in the “lines,” but replenishing and re-contouring the mid and lower face are elements of restoring youth to your face.”

The fillers and the botulinum toxin (Botox) products injected will slowly appear to wear off.  Every few months, you will want to have touch-ups to keep your youthful appearance.

Dr. Cicilioni is especially adept at choosing appropriate fillers for different areas of a patient’s face. He knows the effects of hardness, cohesivity, and viscosity of each filler we utilize at the clinic. He knows how to match them to achieve your particular goals for your appearance.

Likewise, in consultation, you and the doctor can discuss an overall plan of “whole face” maintenance treatments that will keep your “Look” fresh and lovely and always one step a head of time. We invite you to read more  this helpful online resource to discover more information about your options in fillers.

Dr. Cicilioni has a firm grasp of the A’s in the use of fillers and  your face.  He knows the Aesthetics, the Aging factors and the Anatomy to bring a beautiful newness to your unique beauty.

A Little Reminder From Orlando Cosmetic Surgery:

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery wishes you a Happy Memorial Day Week-end.

A Holiday Reminder: Memorial Day is May 25th.

This is the traditional day for honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice

of their lives in the service of our country.

It is also the beginning of summer with picnics, parties and reunions!

Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and and his staff

Wish you the best of all possible week-ends. Drive safely, and do not forget your sunscreen!


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