The New Year, 2013 has almost arrived, and we anticipate the joyous feeling of opening a new chapter in our lives.  We know celebration is in order, but we feel honor-bound to remind you to stay hydrated, eat sensibly, and consume alcohol responsibly.Do you know where the tradition of celebrating the new year with a party began?

The Experts tell us to ring in the New Year with family and friends because of an old tradition. It was long believed that the first visitors you see after ringing in the New Year would either bring you good or bad luck for the entire coming year. Naturally this meant you wanted to be surrounded with the positive, supportive people.

As much a part of New Year’s as parties, are New Year’s Resolutions. According to Washington University, these are some of the most positive, soul satisfying and healthy New Year’s Resolutions you can make:

1. Learn Something New! Uncover a hidden passion by taking a new class, and make a firm commitment to attend every class meeting.  Start out by learning about successful resolutions so you can stick to your committment. Dr. Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD, has some great inspiration for you at the medicinet.

2. Take a Walk In The Park! Make this the year you explore your hometown parks or beaches.  Alternatively, you could try a personal exercise plan like the work-outs of Tracy Anderson.

3. Volunteer! Investigate a group that needs your help. Working for the greater good of a community can refresh your mind, body and spirit.

4. Watch What You Eat: One interesting New Year’s Vow is to cut down or avoid white foods: Think about it. Sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, dairy products. Lots of white foods have high caloric intake.  The WebMD recently published a wonderful list of heathy eating diet tips. Some of these are so easy, they can be maintained by even the least committed Resolution keeper!

5. Take Good Care of Your Skin: Make up your mind that sunblock and moisturizer are fountains of youth for your skin. We have the expertise to assist you in devising a simple skin care routine that will become a refreshing, invigorating, and comforting element in your health care strategy.

If no one gave you a Clarisonic for Christmas, make one a 2013 Holiday gift for yourself. Of course, with it comes the responsible New Year’s resolution to schedule the three minutes time for the treatments, morning and night. You’ll love the difference in the way your skin looks and feels.

Whatever healthy resolutions you make, you have a better chance of keeping them if you break them down into specific mini-goals. Instead of saying, you will lose weight, make a commitment that you are going to run or walk in a local race. Then devise a specific training schedule you can live with.

Do not tell yourself you will lose all your extra weight in 2013. Instead of such a grand general goal, set a ten pound goal, then another. Accomplishing small victories with resolutions can lead to major achievements in your physical and mental health.

Remember, we of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, are happy to be a part of your total health and beauty plan for 2013! Thank you for reading our blog, and have a Happy New Year!



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