Many of you may have noticed entertainment news reports talking about the latest trend in cosmetic and plastic surgery is to take what is referred to as a “beauty vacation” to a far away location. An oasis to have surgical procedures performed which may cost less than finding a qualified surgeon on your home turf. Some of these programs advertise 20 to 40% off the price it would cost in the United States.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) notes that, “Patients may take unnecessary risks, when choosing cosmetic surgery vacations, by unknowingly selecting unqualified physicians and having procedures performed in non-accredited surgical facilities.” The ASPS also reminds Americans that since U.S. health and safety laws generally do not extend overseas, injured patients on cosmetic surgery vacations may have no legal recourse for a surgeon’s negligence.

We completely understand that our patients would like to save money on their surgical procedures in this challenging economy. Cosmetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery can be an expensive investment in yourself. However, it is a wise patient who waits to find a competent physician since most cosmetic surgeries are not emergencies. By taking the additional time needed to research and find a cosmetic or plastic surgeon qualified to provide a better result, you’ll be able to save money for the procedure.  In addition, you’ll also receive a bonus of worrying less and enjoying the journey closer to home.  If you just can’t wait to have your procedure, but the price is a little out of reach, you may want to consider financing the procedure.. At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC we provide several options for paying for your cosmetic surgery. Our Office Mgr. Renee Mason will discuss all possibilities.

Instead of shopping abroad or booking that international flight with no guarantees that your result will be a blessing or a bad choice on your part, look closer to home. You may find you’ll be able to afford a board-certified physician who’s committed to providing a safe surgical environment and carefully-managed recovery. We encourage you to consider Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, LLC as one of your choices. At your consultation visit we will provide the answers to your questions and provide choices to make your procedure as worry free as possible.

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