Ms. “H” enjoys counting her blessings. She feels very fortunate that she beat cancer with her mastectomy. Now, two years later, she has begun to wonder if she should have chosen to have reconstructive surgery, when she had her mastectomy.

She is not alone; many women elect to have the “form and shape of the breast,” restored following mastectomy or lumpectomy. If this is not accomplished when the surgery is performed, it is not too late.  Women like Ms. “H” can still chose to have breast reconstruction.

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we believe you should feel free to elect reconstruction, either at the time of your surgery or at a later time, if you are experiencing any of these concerns, we call the 4 “F’s”

1.  That Figure: You genuinely believe that the surgery will restore your confidence in your feminine appearance.

2.  That Feeling: You feel like breast reconstruction can bring you a genuine feeling of “wholeness.”

3.   That Form: Only one of your breasts was affected, and you want to feel “balanced,” again. It is very possible to improve symmetry of your bust-line with reconstruction, reduction or augmentation, as well as a breast-lift. You might want to read our recent blog article concerning breast lifts.

4.   That Fashion: You have a flair for fashion, and you desire to wear the necklines and customary swimsuits that are the style of the day.

Orlando Cosmetic surgery reminds you that “Factors such as individual anatomy, aesthetic goals and the need for any post-surgical chemotherapy or radiation will determine your options.”

We would be remiss if we did not say that you might be at the beginning of a new lease on life, a whole new attitude, if you are struggling with the four “F’s” above, and you come to Orlando Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation.

In regards to this or any type of procedure, our very own Dr. Orlando Cicilioni has stated many times, “Each patient is different, and I help guide each patient personally through the decision process to help her decide which is right for her, in order to achieve a long-lasting and natural appearing result.”

For some specific details concerning the actual surgical procedures and types of incisions, we recommend you read a special page from our website, dedicated to that very topic.

There are three considerations you should think about and discuss in detail with your breast reconstruction surgeon:

1. You must be aware that “Breast reconstruction involves additional surgery, medical appointments and possibly additional costs.”

2. Breast reconstruction may interfere with your overall sense of well-being, a feeling of vitality, which you have just begun to restore after your battle with cancer.

3. Your reconstructed breast can not possibly possess the “same sensation and feel as the breast it replaces.” The procedure can, however, remove the worst visual reminder of your cancer, and restore your
self-confidence after the ordeal of your cancer surgery.

For more detailed information about this procedure, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery suggests you read the well prepared information sheet on breast reconstruction, created by the National Cancer Institute.

We also highly recommend studying more pros and cons of this procedure with a visit to this detailed article by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

By the way, our fictitious Ms. H., from the beginning of today’s blog, is quite delighted with her new form and figure, and she has opened a new chapter of her life with great joy in her femininity!  Although her case is not “real,” her new self-esteem is typical of many our patients as they close the door on cancer, and step into their new-found self-confidence.




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