Self Examination for Breast Cancer

Early Awareness And Detection Of Breast Cancer Permits Successful Treatment.

Since breast cancer awareness month begins in a matter of days, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery dedicate today’s blog to patients who suffer this disease.  Beginning with this blog article, we will be bringing you some updated information on this, as well as details about breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.  This is a cause that is dear to Dr. Cicilioni’s heart.

We will acquaint you with some of the signs and symptoms of the disease, updated treatments and some of your decisive options after breast cancer surgery.  Here at the Cosmetic Surgery clinic, we are especially aware of the sensitive nature of this disease.

If you have been diagnosed, we invite you to consider all your options in reference to the delicate issues of re-constructive breast surgery.  In all of Florida you won’t find a more compassionate staff or more empathic and artistic breast cancer reconstructive surgeon than Dr. Orlando Cicilioni.

If you have not been diagnosed, then please regard this blog as a friendly reminder to do your self-check for changes in your breast tissue.  Additionally be sure to check the date of your last mammography test.   

Breast Cancer Warning Signs and Symptoms

We join the crusade of Medical News Today and the American Cancer Society to bring you some of the top early warning signs and signals of                                                               breast cancer.

Reconstruction can help breast cancer patients.

Check Yourself:   Remember to do Self Exams for Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer. 

You might be wondering what the difference is between a symptom and a sign.  “A symptom is only felt by the patient and is described to the doctor or nurse, such as a headache or pain.  A sign is something the patient and others can detect, for example, a rash or swelling.”

1.       According to the CDC, breast cancer usually first manifests itself as an area of thickened tissue or a lump in your breast.  If you have this symptom, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery cautions you not to stress. You see, most lumps are not cancer.  Whereas we do not want you to panic, we do want you to have this symptom checked by your health care professional.   So the “thickened tissue,” in a woman’s breast rings in as symptom number 1 of this dreaded disease.

2.       Underarm Pain:  Never ignore a pain in the pits!  You might feel “A pain in the armpits or breast that does not seem to be related” to your menstrual period.  Soft yet stony, a lump or swelling area might appear in your armpit.  If you observe this, see your doctor at once.

3.      The Little Pits:  Pitting or redness of the skin of the breast is another common symptom of breast cancer.  You will notice a dimpling effect like the texture of the skin of an orange.

4.       Odd Little Rash: You might become aware of an annoying little rash around and on one of your nipples.  Also a warning sign, similar to this is noticeable scaling, flaking or peeling on the skin of the nipple and breast.  Nipple-skin or breast-skin may have started to peel, scale or flake.

5.       Drops of Discharge:  One of the nipples has a discharge; sometimes it may contain blood drops.

6.      Nipple Anomalies:  Have there been changes in the appearance of your nipple?  Does it appear to have sunken into surrounding tissue or become inverted?

7.      Size Matters.  Differences in shape and size can also indicate the breast might be cancerous or be harboring infection.

Just as we all know about pink ribbons, we all know that early detection of breast cancer is key to treating it.  Check out the directions for self-exam at this trusted online resource. 

Thank you for reading the Orlando Cosmetic Blog.  Please join us next week for news about treatment for breast cancer and breast cancer reconstruction.

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