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Altiora and the siren call of the Breast Augmentation. Is it Right for You? 

Breast Augmentation has a special season depending on each individual.  Breast Augmentation might be on your schedule for our mild Sarasota winter or fall when you can snuggle into a light sweater or a fleecy shirt.  Likewise, breast augmentation might have to wait until summer when schedules permit career women time for self-care. Some career ladies actually choose spring for breast augmentation because the soft hints of spring whisper to us about getting ready for hot weather activities and body-conscious styles.

Breast Augmentation Meditation:  Take Some Personal Research Time

As the Sarasota weather warms we notice more and more women are curious about breast augmentation.  So this blog might answer a few of your questions.  Perhaps these words will help guide your research into Breast Augmentation as part of your journey to a new look.

Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa believes in helping you see all sides of your research into increasing your breast size.  We called this blog a “Meditation.”  This is because even as you explore medical facts, we hope you explore your own goals before you decide to enlarge your breast size.

If you are just beginning your quest for information about breast augmentation surgery, learning some vocabulary is a good place to start.   That way, when you talk to your surgeon, you will have the right words.  Find the perfect words at the trusted online resource of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Straight Talk about Breast Augmentation

We understand you might be interested in breast augmentation for one or two reasons:

  • You might have had a mastectomy years ago and surgery will be reconstructive.
  • Perhaps you are seeking to improve the proportions of your figure.

Dr. Denise Mann stated, “We are now witnessing a paradigm shift as these surgeries are no longer considered solely reconstructive, but aesthetic procedures as well.”

More for Your Breast Augmentation Meditation:  Talking Points about Breast Augmentation

Love for yourself is keyed to your self-confidence. Talk to Altiora about lift and enhancement.

Enjoy a new Feminine Physique with gentle help from Altiora Plastic Surgery.

You are not alone if you are considering creating a better silhouette for your chest.  You and Dr. Cicilioni could discuss many options.  Questions might include:

  • Will you need a breast lift?  That is a separate surgery from breast augmentation.  However, in some cases, you can have both at the same time.  This is a combo of procedures.
  • Will you want beautiful, natural looking new breast implants?
  • Or will you prefer utilizing your own tissue in the analogous tissue technique? 

Whatever your choices, Dr. Cicilioni will bring you the natural-looking gentle swell, the youthful volume, and the soft shape that has become the standard of classic feminine beauty for centuries.

The Risks of Breast Augmentation:  Meet the Big Three

Remember that all reputable surgeons will ultimately request your signed consent form, and it is important to know the consequences of any surgical procedure.

At Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa we do not want to worry or frighten you about your surgery.  However, we also do not want you to consider breast surgery as lightly as getting your hair cut.  We want you to know that any type of surgical procedure involves risks, namely, the Big Three:



And Infection.

Now, let’s take a look at some more specific risks or negative effects often reported with breast augmentation surgery:

  • Sensation: Sometimes breast surgery changes the way you might experience skin sensation on the breast or nipple.
  • Scars: Your surgeon will check the texture and elasticity of your skin.  You could have poor scar formation due to the way your skin reacts to incisions.
  • The positioning of the Breasts: If you are having implants, there is the risk of the way they fit or ride upon the musculature of the body.  On the one hand, an inexperienced surgeon could have positioned them improperly.  On the one hand, some patients experience poor positioning because they needed a breast-lift in the first place.

Straight Talk:  You must save the time and budget for a breast lift if you need one, or your new size could appear to sag unappealingly.

Remember the lift is a different surgical procedure.  And your surgeon can often do it at the same time as the breast augmentation.

  • Capsular Contracture: This term refers to the formation of “tight scar tissue around the implant.”  As a result of this “contracture”, the breast may feel hard and tight.”  To avoid this uncomfortable side-effect, we recommend frequent massaging of the breast while you are healing.
  • Seroma: Seroma is swelling due to the accumulation of clear fluid.   The doctor might find it necessary to drain it.  However, your body could merely absorb it.  Remember some swelling after such surgery is normal.

So, What are the Current Trends in Breast Augmentation?

Although you do not hear much publicity about it, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently published that “Over a quarter million breast augmentation surgeries were performed last year…”

That numbers 30 percent more augmentations since the year 2,000.  So you are not alone if you are seeking a larger bust-line.  However, the style is new.  Today’s trends reveal that plastic surgeons have more women wanting C cups than the older style DD cups.  Recently even fully filled B cups are starting to trend for slighter or more athletic physiques.  It is also very clear that a natural shaping and lifting of the bosom is the style of the day.

Making Informed Decisions

With these trends in mind, you can make personal decisions about how you want to shape your silhouette.

As you face your decisions, remember that we do not want your breast augmentation to put your health at risk.

Breast Augmentation gives an athlete or a housewife more confidence.

Feeling Confident in her Sportswear Shirt.  

One way to protect yourself is to check out your potential surgeon’s credentials. 

Confirm that your surgeon operates in an accredited operating room, just as Dr. Orlando Cicilioni does.  The only true, qualified accrediting/certifying agencies include AAAASF, AAAHC, IMQ, Medicare and the state your surgeon practices in.

These agencies regularly check on the patient safety features of the facilities they accredit.  They create strict safety standards for the physical facility, staffing, policies and procedures, emergency protocols and much more.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons puts it this way:  “Safety is expensive, so a great way for a surgeon to be able to offer a lower price is to cut corners on patient safety.”  Be safe.  Be careful with your decisions.  Likewise, keep a watchful eye on breast health after your surgery.  Schedule your breast health examinations regularly.

Today’s Typical Breast Augmentation Recovery:  It’s Not Like Your Grandmother’s Surgery.

We have good news for patients who choose under-the-muscle breast augmentation.

  • It is minimally invasive.
  • Therefore does not require an extensive healing period.
  • Experienced plastic surgeons create today’s “breast pocket for the implant with extreme precision…”
  • Thus we see a dramatic reduction in bruising, bleeding, pain over the augmentations of yester-year.
  • And for style and shape and a fit with modern fashion, the under-the-muscle placement yields those much-desired natural results.

Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa:  Post-Surgical Notes Just for You…

Because every case is individual, we cannot predict your exact recovery time after a Breast Augmentation surgery.  However, we can give you some general information about the expectations for your recovery:

  1. As expected, your breasts will be wrapped when you awaken in the recovery room.
  2. Elastic bandages minimize swelling and reduce the risk of infection.
  3. We will give you customized directions soon after you awake.
  4. As the days go by, it will be very important to clean the incisions.  You will also need to apply ointment to the area.  Follow your specific instructions very closely.

Discovering the New You

Altiora Plastic Surgery wants you to know how to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun.

Your Plastic Surgery Might Enhance A New Confidence.

Within 24 to 48 hours, you will recover from the pains and discomfort of the incisions.  Then, we hope you have made previous arrangements to relax your usual busy schedule.  Spend a few days in reduced activity.  Most patients report only a few weeks of twinges or discomfort.

When you resume your normal level of activities, do not be surprised at how much you will enjoy your new curvy figure.  Soon you will take back your normal lifestyle level of activity.  The best side-effects of the surgery might be a new spring-time surge of self-confidence and a personal sense of delight.  We have no doubt, you will enjoy becoming adjusted to life after breast augmentation.

Once again, we thank you for reading the blog at Altiora Plastic Surgery & Medspa.


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