Dr. Orlando Cicilioni: Dedicated to Breast Patient WelfareIn regards to botox use, the medical benefits just keep on multiplying!

We always attempt to keep our readers up to date on the latest in cosmetic surgery research. Today, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery brings good news for patients undergoing breast reconstruction or cosmetic breast procedures. You can read more about these findings at cosmeticsurgerytimes.modernmedicine.com

Recent studies have shown that botulinum toxin could be a major pain reducer for breast reconstruction patients.

How Botox Helps the Breast Surgery Patient

To put it simply, botox can relax the pectoralis major muscle.

According to Dr. Allen Gabriel, M.D., associate clinical professor of plastic surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA., this can reduce pain and enhance recovery from the breast expansion stage of many reconstruction cases.

Patients in the study group could tolerate the expansion more easily, and use fewer pain medications. The research team based their findings on thirty cases. “Fifteen patients received 40 units of botulinum toxin…injected into each pectoralis major muscle through four serial injections.”

The remaining 15 patients received four serial infections of 0.9 percent saline…” as placebo.

Patients in the two groups were well matched in terms of their age and expander size at the beginning of the study.

Likewise they had a similar usage of pain-killers the first three days post-surgery. Here’s the interesting part: The patients who received the neurotoxin dropped narcotic use significantly, plus the expansion level was surprisingly larger and better tolerated.

Perhaps best of all, there were absolutely no side effects reported.

Botox proves yet again that it is a multi-faceted medical marvel with many specialized uses beyond softening lines in the face. Dr. Gabriel stated, “The principle of muscle relaxation can be utilized in any implant based surgical cases, where the pectoralis major is elevated.” He added, “This applies to both reconstructive and cosmetic breast Orlando Cosmetic Surgery uplifts your confidence with breast lift or augmentation surgery.surgery cases.”

At Orlando Cosmetic Surgery, we believe our readers and patients like to be aware of valuable, ongoing research in this field.

Moreover, we know it is reassuring to realize that we keep up with all the latest development of techniques, technology and pharmacology in the arena of breast reconstruction.

Here at Orlando Cosmetic surgery, we are committed to making each patient’s recovery as comfortable as possible.

Developments such as this study might be leading the way to inspiring women to restore their femininity through reconstruction after cancer surgery.

If you have had a mastectomy in the past, or must face the procedure in the future, but you are hesitant about reconstruction, we’d like you to realize that new techniques and procedures are being developed every day to make this procedure more comfortable. We know that your breast cancer surgery might have caused you anxiety, trauma, and sapped your self-confidence.

Reconstruction might help you re-discover your femininity, and restore your confidence. Don’t hesitate to call the compassionate, confidential doctors and staff at Orlando Cosmetic Clinic.





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