Orlando Cosmetic Surgery recently became aware of a US Food and Drug Administration and international clean-up of illegal online sellers of many types of medical devices, including illegal prescription drugs, dermal fillers, and  Botox.

Because of this  special crack-down, Orlando Cosmetic Surgery is compelled to gently warn you:  Guard against backdoor beauty shop Botox, counterfeit dermal fillers and discount liquid face-lift parties.

You never know where these shady operators might be obtaining their medical supplies.

Named International Operation Pangea VIII, the FDA and its international partners have been making special efforts to abolish the sale of illegal and counterfeit injectables, prescription drugs and medical devices.

More About the Black Market Crack-down

Black market medical products pose a horrifying danger to patients as well as doctors and legitimate companies.  Wendy Lewis, president of Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy stated,  “The expense of policing counterfeit and illegally sold products and prosecuting offenders impacts everyone.”

She warns, “If someone tries to sell you something that is exactly the same as the name brand product, think twice.  Consumers are getting wiser to a ‘bait and switch’ sales pitch.”

Some Statistics for You

If you doubt the scope of the situation, take a look at these numbers: Beware of unprofessional facial filler sales.

Authorities took recent legal action against 1,050 websites.

These online sources were guilty of illegally selling dangerous and /or unapproved prescription medicines as well as medical devices.

Some of the companies received regulatory warnings, and others suffered screening and seizure of the illegal products in Chicago, Miami, and New York.

814 Packages were confiscated.

Shopping Tips About Botox and Facial Fillers

1. Botox Cosmetic should be administered by a trained, qualified, experienced health care professional. This is also true of facial fillers.

F.Y.I.  It is true that a non-physician can be properly licensed and trained to perform Botox injections. These health professionals work under the direction of a qualified physician.

2. Communicate about your injection.  You should be certain that your health care professional plans to inject only  FDA-approved productsthat have been purchased within the United States.

3.   We want our friends and readers to know malls and hotels are not qualified medical environments. Facial injections should be done in appropriate medical environments.

4.  Share your medical history with your health care professional. Make sure you explain any drugs, vitamins or supplements you are taking.

To satisfy your curiosity about Botox and facial fillers, we recommend this excellent online resource.

Trust Only Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

We wish you as Happy July 4th Holiday.

If you are seeking injectables, like a liquid face lift, Botox or cosmetic procedures of any kind, we advice you to make certain your healthcare provider is board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Moreover, the FDA encourages you to report this type of suspected criminal activity at their online resource. The FDA also responded to Plastic Surgery Practice to recent online magazine interviewers with financial concerns as well as your health risk.

Plastic Surgery Practice reports that the risks of dealing with people who use counterfeit or black market injectables “include credit card fraud, identity theft, and computer viruses.”


Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and the staff of Orlando Cosmetic Surgery

take this opportunity to wish you and your family

a fine celebration of Independence Day week-end.

Remember your sun screen! Drive safely, and enjoy a Happy July 4th!


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