Biking and Jogging can be yours without pain, and with Botox!Orlando Cosmetic Surgery is certain you are aware of the youthful confidence our patients have gained through facial injections of the cosmetic Botox.  In an ongoing effort to keep you updated on recent news involving Botox, we have also brought you several Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Blog articles about other major uses for the medical marvel of Botox.  We have shown you stories about Botox for migraines, for bladder problems and cystic fibrosis. Now, we bring you information about a special type of knee pain and how doctors are giving some patients total relief through Botox injections.

A Special Kind of Knee Pain: LPOS

Are you a runner, jogger or cyclist?  Are you a very active individual, and yet frustrated by knee pain that no exercise and no amount of cortisone injections can help?  You would never think to seek help from Botox, but a study at Imperial College London and Fortius Clinic in the U.K. has developed  a remarkable treatment.  They have had great success in many knee pain patients with a little customized physiotherapy and injections of botulinum toxin.

The mysterious pain in the front and side of the knee-joint is termed Lateral Patellofemoral Overload Syndrome, or LPOS. Ironically, as was reported in Medical.Net News, this condition only happens in patients who actually lead an active lifestyle and get plenty of exercise.

The Remarkable Botox Research Study:

The Botox Test: Forty-five patients with LPO Syndrome were given injections of “Dysport, which like Botox is a type of botulinum toxin, into a muscle under ultrasound guidance, at the front and outside of the hip, followed by personalized physiotherapy sessions.”

Botox and LPOS The Amazing Results:

A. Sixty-nine per cent of the patients totally recovered, and remained pain-free in follow-up research five years after the injections.

B. This result was contrasted with the previous studies that demonstrated 80 percent of patients with other injections or only physical therapy had ongoing symptoms.  Active people dreaded a diagnosis of LPO syndrome because 74 per cent of them had reoccurring incidents and eventually had to reduce levels of their most beloved activities.

Always for beauty, now botox helps other problems, too

The Botox produced excellent results that exceeded the researcher’s expectations, as shown above.

Dr. Sam Church, co-author and consultant knee surgeon from Fortius Clinic, said:

“This research is a really exciting step forward in the management of a very common cause of knee pain in athletes.  Our results show that botulinum toxin can provide better and longer lasting pain relief than the current, conventional alternatives.”

This research not only excited the medical community, but it was even extolled in the popular press.  For example, the online bicycling journal, Bicycling.Com reported that the Botox treatment would keep more cyclists on the road in the future.

They also explained that, if you ride a bicycle, be sure you have a good bike fit and do proper stretching before and after biking or running.

Read more about the condition in their article, Could Botox Help Eliminate Knee Pain In Athletes.

Physiotherapist co-author of the study, Dr. Jo Stephen stated, “Many athletes who took part in this study had exhausted all other treatment options and this was their last resort.”

A Special Tip for Blog Readers!

First, we want to think you for reading our blog!  We will be bringing you more stories about the incredible benefits of Botox in the future.  Meanwhile, we wanted to drop a Mother’s Day hint: Don’t shop early for Mother’s Day until you see a wonderful special gift coming your way from the Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa!



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