An Invitation to support the Cause at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med-Spa Orlando Cosmetic Surgery pauses the pursuit of their typical blogging topics and takes this time to honor the Pink Cause of October.

Most of us recognize the pink ribbons in honor of this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, but this blog is a salute to all the feelings behind the facts regarding breast cancer.

When we look at the statistics below in a thought-provoking manner, we realize that Pink stands for more than just a pretty, feminine colored ribbon we wear on our collars and lapels.

Pink Means Compassion: Do you know that 200,000 U.S. women will be diagnosed with some form of Breast Cancer before the year ends?

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa knows that Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns exist because this number is just too high.

Pink Means Memories: Do you know that, by the end of 2015, Breast Cancer will have taken the lives of 40,000 women?

They are our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and best friends.

Pink Means Strength:  Do you realize that we have 2.6 million survivors of Breast Cancer are living full lives today?  For more facts and statistics, check out this reliable online source.

Pink Means Hope: The Doctors and staff  salute the research, donations, fundraisers, legislation and advocacy that made the above statistic possible.

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med-Spa salutes all Breast Cancer patients, care givers and supporters of the true meaning of the pink fight.  We Care.  We know you care.

Wonderful skin texture from the OxyLight Treatment at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa

Because you care, you qualify for our Pink Pampering Special!

We seldom mention special offers on this blog.  E-mails are being sent, but we do not want to exclude anyone from this exceptional offer and if you are a new reader of this blog, we want you to get the information.

The Pink Pampering Special:  In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Besides, The Pink Pampering Special is dedicated to such a good cause that it demands to be mentioned:

Here’s How It Works:

1.  Purchase Your OxyLight Facial–The luxurious, oxygen-rich, nutrient-packed treatment that combines LED light therapy with oxygen, microdermabrasion and the gentle touch of Lea, the licensed professional aesthetician at OrlandoCosmetic Surgery Medi-Spa. ($180.00)

2.  You will receive the Rejuvenating Peel ($110 value) at the time of treatment, free of any additional charge. This is simply our way of saying, “Thank you for caring about the Pink Cause.”

Orlando Cosmetic Surgery provides loving care for Breast Cancer patients and their care-givers and supporters. Just call 407-681-3223 to schedule a Pink Pampering Special, for yourself or someone special, but remember, when the Pink ribbons are gone at the end of October, so is this Orlando Cosmetic Surgery Medi-Spa Pink Pampering Special.  Our Breast Cancer Awareness lasts forever–until the Cure!

Lea promises, this lavish dual treatment provides the perfect pampering treatment for soothing skin texture and reinvigorating the firmness and contour of your face.

After this treatment, some of our clients have seen such glow and polish in the surface of their skin; they won’t cover the natural radiance with make-up foundation or concealer for days!

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